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What does he mean by the poem Alone? like whats its meaning because to me i have to many ideas on what he means and need help in figureing it out.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003


i think that the poem alone (this is just from a students view from studying it and picking it apart for a test) is saying that he doesn't quite see everything like everyone else does and he doesn't think about 'common' things and he cant love the same as he hates, and whom he loves, does not return it. when he was a child, he knew his life was going to be a tough one and it brought in all things, good and bad, and eventually, heaven will become a hell from a demon he can see (Blue-Connoting the flames of hell) i think hes talkin about like, the downfall of humanity, and he knew it was going to happen. i dunno...thats my guess! he has many layers to figure out!

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

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