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An animation program I have outputs to 300X300 mpeg. When I use TmpGen or other programs to encode this to a VCD-compliant format, it always wants to change the resolution to 352X280, thereby stretching out the image. Is there a utility that will allow me to change the canvas size of the 300X300 mpeg to 352X280 so TmpGen won't attempt any scaling? I understand I will then have black border around my image but this would be better than the stretching that takes place now.


-- Rick Knoll (, April 02, 2003


Ahhh i finally found someone with the same problem as me... I am awating for a answer too

-- Ratix Alvein (, April 03, 2003.

Ahhh, i've found a nifty ability in TMPGen, use the wizard, then when u are about to encode it, theres an expert button, click it and then click the tab Advance, then Video arrange method, after that, choose center(Custom Size), then TADAA! just type in 300X300

But i warn u, the vertical part will get tooooooo long, out of the screen so i recommend u go do it by percentage, so its like u can have 250 by 250 etc to keep the original shape and not distorting it...

-- Ratix Alvein (, April 04, 2003.

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