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The discussion board was down for two days and I got emails from many of you who were concerned. Actually the site was not DOWN for I was able to access it by going to the "greenspun" web page this is the host of the discussion board. So I would suggest that everyone hookmark this page. You can do this by clicking on "favorites" on your computer and a window will come up, click either add or o.k and you will have the book mark. Jazzman has suggested we keep this board going as a tribute to Rev. Fisher I agree. He suggested that we meet at my e-magazine "Blessings Magazine" at this time we do not have a discussion board though one can be added if anything happens with this board. If you would like to be contacted if this board goes down please go to BLESSINGS MAGAZINE and join our mailing list. On the form put down you are interested in ame today board. That way I and others can get in touch with everyone. If something does happen with this board or ame today, I will post information as I receive it immediately. BLESSINGS MAGAZINE ADDRESS IS It might be helpful to book mark this page. My daughter and I are willing to help in any way we can. Bill Dickens and I will be talking on the phone today and my daughter and I will do what we can. There would not be a blessings magazine if it were not for rev. fisher. Stay strong ame family I love you.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003


oops the second line should read "bookmark" also it would be helpful if you add your name and email address to our mailing list at Blessings Magazine as soon as possible. In case something happens. On the join the mailing list your name will appear but not your email address and my daughter and I will not distribute your emails! Again blessings magazine address is

Can someone do a link? God bless

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

While alternatives methods are being offered and appreciated by all, my only response is why do we think this board will go down?

God blessed Reverend Fisher with the knowledge and insight to get this forum online. But he also did it in partnership with sister Jan.

While bereavement has left her, at the moment, possibly unable to give it her attention and concern. I hardly think she will not continue to keep it up, and running and alive.

So let us be fair and give her a chance to grieve and then I am sure this board will continue to exist as a fitting tribute to the person we all came to know and love.

AME-Today was Reverend Fisher's dream and so with Sister Jan I think and pray it will continue to be up and growing and alive.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

Let's pray she does, Brother Matthews.

However, the other suggestions give us hope that we can keep this line of communication alive. This is the age in which we live, and we've become accustomed to it. This method is more invigorating. We are able to respond to church issues and attend to matters of importance with speed and agility. Perhaps God used Brother John just for this purpose -- to help to bring the A.M.E. Church into an age of enlightenment and information. We pray indeed that his beloved wife will help to continue his vision.

May God uphold us in our prayers for the continuation of this site.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

But I agree with all points: respect for Sis. Jan's grief, patience, and contingency planning.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

If Sister Jan wishes to continue this web site, it is possible that we could provide (if needed) both technical and financial support. The hosting of such websites as this is not free nor inexpensive. When she is ready, we can address those issues.

Be Blessed

Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

I am very sensitive to the wishes of Sister Jan and agree we all should grieve the tremendous loss of Rev. Fisher. The ONLY reason I responded in regard to blessings magazine is that Jazzman mentioned it on another post. It was not my intent to usurp sister Jan's position. This is an extremely difficult time for her and her family. Jazzman had suggested if this board goes down to go to BLESSINGS MAGAZINE. We do not have a discussion board though one could be put up. I have gotten emails and phone calls from across the country in regard to the board, I do not why, but I do try to help if I can. I am in Montana. But if I do receive news I will post it on blessings magazine. I have tried calling sister Jan to see what she needed and offer her support, there is no answer and there ate tons of voice mail messages. She has got to be overwhelmed, I do pray we keep her and her family in prayer. Again I only responded because it was brought up in another post. And it was not my idea. God always makes away.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

Reverend Rogers please know that my comments are not directed to you are anyone else on this board. We are all concerned and want to offer any help we can. The help, contingency plans and suggestions, I am sure, are appreciated by all. At the same time I just want us to remember Sister Jan and why it may impossible for her to presently respond to our question of what is to come. And allow her the time she needs to grieve.

Though the times, in which we live may seem complex and even frightening to us, they are no more complex or frightening than any the world has ever known.

Last night, in conjunction with my duties as Director of Public Relations for the Sixth Episcopal District Lay, I attended the third of six Annual Conference Lay Witness Nights. As has been the case of the ones before it this required me to make a 500-mile round trip drive.

Last Night the Conference (The Georgia Annual Conference) was held in Savannah GA which is exactly 250 miles from where I live. After working all day I drove the 250 miles alone. I attended the conference and then drove home--all within the space of 12 hours from the time I first left home.

Because of my limited ability to hear with a cochlear implant and to call for emergency help, It was a task, which at first seemed frightening and impossible to do.

One stretch of the journey covers 167 miles through marshlands literally from the mountains to the sea with intermittent small towns in between. Hardly anyone was traveling this highway at night. Even the truckers are pulled aside and sleeping in their rigs. I got encouragement from Reverence Rogers and others on this board to do it and to "Go with God."

I relate this story to you because Last night the sermon was taken from Habakuk 2:2--"Write the vision and make it plain." Based on this text, the preacher--Rev. M. LiAnn Flowers of Bethel AMEC in Denton GA- - chose the subject, "Provisions for the Vision."

God gave Reverend John a vision for AME-Today but the vision he received and implemented was given and directed by the Lord. Let us then not be weary or fearful of what may come. Since the vision came from and was directed by God. He (God) has made provisions for it to last forevermore.

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

Actually the uncomfortable discussion about the future of AME Today was initially raised by the Parson from Bermuda (Nalton) a day or two after Rev. John's call to Eternal Glory. Typically, succession plans seldom move ahead in a fluid manner. Nonetheless, interruptions in service due to death, resignation or retirement warrant some one to stand in the gap provided the goal is to maintain service continuity. I put forth the suggestion that the official AME website should be approached about incorporating this site within its network design. The match is perfect, the synergies are transparent and most importantly the costs are better absorbed going thru the Connection. The Chief Information Officer of the AMEC (Dr. Fugh) has made significant improvements in the official site. Provided there is no surreptitious condition about restricting constructive free speech, this opportunity, created by personal adversity, represents in my view the best option to maintain Fisher's legacy and support Jan as well. QED

-- Anonymous, April 03, 2003

Sorry, but "restricting constructive free speech" will most likely be the problem with incorporating this site into the official site. Brother Fugh may be an open minded "good guy" about the concept of permitting this site to exist and function within the AME Church's Official site, but others may hinder the freedom of speech that we have come to appreciate herein. Censorship is so rampant in the AME Churches, I don't know how we've managed to enjoy this site this long. Let's not forget that our church is an episcopacy, where many have taken the Discipline's notation that the bishop is the sole "interpretor" of the law to mean that the bishop has the right to re-write the laws of the church. Having this site incorporated into the official site would render us powerless to discuss important issues facing the church today and in the future.


-- Anonymous, April 03, 2003

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