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To my ame sisters and brothers there are no words to express the depth of shock and grieve that we all feel for the passing of our beloved brother and leader Rev. John Fisher. I have cried all weekend and I continue to cry as I think of our brother who has been called home. Rev. Fisher through ame today pastored to thousands and thousands around the world with his ministry. He allowed us to discuss difficult topics, he encouraged our ministries, he took joy in every achievement we made and always remained the humble servant of Christ, Rev. Fisher never said "this is my board" instead he said it belonged to God and that he and sister Jan were just doing the foot work. To those who are crying and grieving, it is alright to cry over the loss of a beloved brother. Scripture tells us he is at home with God and christ, but sripture also gives us the knowledge that we will see him one day in heaven! Hold on to that thought for comfort. I am asking that we continue Rev. Fisher's dream. He loved this denomination with all of his heart and always sought out the good that is in this denomination. Let us finish his work with this board by keeping it alive, let us do ministry as Rev. Fisher did. Let us walk the walk as he did. It is easy to come by here and every day and read the posts, but what is needed is for people to POST, so that we can help one another. If you feel you have nothing to say, you are wrong! We need to hear some good news, a praise report, a church project, a prayer request etc. And to the women, God has called you to speak up and help this ministry also. Rev. Fisher saw a denomination that would be interacial, he challenges us to look at our own issues of racism. And lastly Rev. Fisher has a daughter who will be going to college. Her father is gone. Just like our families in Africa do let us take her and his grand children in as our family just as our African brothers and sisters do. Let us help his daughter Dorian with her college fund. I said in a post last friday I was leaving the board because of another church I am planting and some other responsiblities. I am not leaving now for Rev. Fisher's world wide ministry must continue. And we must have an A.M.E Today reunion, it is my hope that every year we do a project in honor of Rev. Fisher. I love you brothers and sisters, let us not take each other for granted. Call and write one another and express your love. Sister Jan the wife of Rev. Fisher is an incredible, beautiful woman let us write her with words of love. God bless all of you and to the new members of this board, you may not know that Rev. Fisher is the creator of ame today but you too have been touched by his legacy!

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003


Hello my Internet Church Family,

I share in the grief with Rev. Rogers and others about the death of Rev. Fisher. I also pray that his family will be comforted in this time of great sadness.

I am not certain if it's right for me to make this proposal at this time in light of the shock and sadness associated with Rev. Fisher's death. I pray that others reading my proposal will be sensitive and open-minded to it and not regard it as callous.

I think that the best memorial to Rev. Fisher would be a continuation of this discussion group. I was alarmed yesterday when I attempted to go on this site and I saw the " Page cannot be displayed " on my screen. I propose that we find someone to meet at another web site like " Blessings Magazine" if for some reason this site should cease to exist. Let's keep Rev. Fisher's dream alive by agreeing to meet someone else or getting someone to continue this site.


-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

The last two statements of my post should read that we find somewhere else to meet like "Blessings" magazine if this site should cease to exist.


-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

This site (the discussion) is not owned by the Late Rev. Fisher; we just have space here. If you visit the main site, you wil see that the Greenspuns continue to maintain the site and the software, although newer, faster, better has be written.

If he (Mr. Greenspun) is watching, we need to ask him how much traffic this site generates in a month. Depending on the amount, I may be able to host the discussion (though in a slightly different format) on another site my wife and I maintain.

Rev. john Harper

-- Anonymous, April 04, 2003

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