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Grady Men’s Soccer Dominates Whitefield Academy Whitefield 0 Grady Knights 3 March 26, 2003

The Grady men’s soccer team set the tone for the game with Whitefield Academy within the first minutes of play. The Knights’ dominated the field and controlled the ball for most of the game. In the twelfth minute of play, Kwesi Thomas stopped the ball in the sweeper position, sending the ball forward to Jack Giardina. Giardina fed Walker Rick, a wonderful crossing pass and Rick scored the Knights’ first goal of the evening. The defensive pressure was intense all evening under the leadership of Trevor Garner, Kwesi Thomas, Bryan Heery, Jack Giardina and Sam Garr. Whitefield made a few good runs periodically and prevented the Knights from scoring at will. In the fifty-third minute of play, David Suitts made a fantastic save as an open Whitefield attacker made a run on goal. Quenten Mouricoux and Armen Nalband assisted Grady’s offensive effort throughout much of the game.

The second half saw the ball moving up and down the field quite a bit, as Whitefield Academy regrouped after the half. Play from the backfield remained strong for Grady and Bryan Heery cleared the ball in the fifty-fifth minute of play to Jacob Dean. Dean sent the ball to the left corner flag where Jonathan Holman crossed the ball delightfully to Walker Rick who scored the Knights’ second goal of the evening. In the fifty-ninth minute of play, Whitefield made another strong run on goal, which was shut down by Suitts from the net, once again. In the sixtieth minute of play, Jonathan Holman made a very strong run on goal and beat the goalie. With the defense focused on Holman, Walker Rick cleaned up from around the six-yard line with another goal. In the sixty-fifth minute of play, Suitts made another strong save at the goal for the Knights. Brian Sosebee, Hank Weatherby and Morgan Woody played well in the second half of the game. David Perloe looked strong in the midfield as the game ended, making some nice runs up and down the field.

The Knights play an away game at Landmark Christian on Monday, March 31st at five in the evening.

-- randy e. pimsler (, March 31, 2003

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