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hi i have tried kwag's kvcd template in tmpgenc on my pc, i have an amd atholon 1.2 gig processor using 512 ddr memory when i put a movie in it tells me in about a minute i have to low a memory and stalls the computer out has anybody used this template before and am i doing something wrong. i just wanted to try a diferent template as an experiment but can't seem to get it to work ,so any help would be surely appreciated. ps. by the way i think this is a goood sight to get info on how to make or copy your own vcd's but i wish they would stop filling the sight with alot of garbage about buying and selling movies and other things on this sight. [Me too. -moderator]

-- cb (sparky92@ptd.net), March 30, 2003


Omfg ... use da same region (NTSC or PAL) dat u live in and da right resolution ... umm other dan dat, use tweak xp to boost ur ram's speed by 200% ... but im sure das not necessary! i run on an OLD OLD celeron 400 hz wit 288 mb sdram ... and ive encoded movies both wit KVCD and MVCD templates, both with TMPGEnc, LSX-MPEG, and CCE SP, so dere should be no problems for u man! just get da pack of RECOMMENDED templates from www.kvcd.net ... dat pack seems to be da one wit no bugz and it makes ur job much easier (rather dan havin to download all da source file)! email me back for more help ... take it eZZ!

-- Semen Demon (da_semen_demon@hotmail.com), July 31, 2003.

ok sorry i said lsx ... its impossible wit lsx for one reason ... it doesnt have quantization matrix settings like tmpgenc and cce sp, so fuck lsx unless u want incomparable speed ans easiest GUI for dat kind of speed. cce is best but makin kvcd templates for it is extremely hard ... use one of google's caches of avalon's guide or dis one i found here (another cache): http://www.google.ca/search? q=cache:zI4JWiEEcvcJ:www.kvcd.org/guides/vmesquita/guideEN.pdf+avalon +kvcd+cce&hl=en&ie=UTF-8 .... in the end, CCE ownz but its just complicated ... with great speed comes great thinkin ... lmfao

-- Semen Demon (da_semen_demon@hotmail.com), September 28, 2003.

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