God bless Rev. John Fisher!

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I jsut received news that Rev. John Fisher has passed! He now has become a member of the Church Triumphant! Life is transitory...I pray much for his family! To all of my Board Brothers/Sisters, I praise God for this forum created through Rev. John's vision! Continue to pray for his family and for us all! Rev. John kept us informed!

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003


AMEN. May the peace of God that is beyond all understanding comfort Rev. John's family and also his Internet Family. He was a pioneer in this industry. As far as I can tell, he was the author of the first stand-alone AME site on the internet. He was an inspiration to me as I learned how to publish on the world-wide web. The prayers of my family and my church family, the Macedonia AME Church are with you all.

BE Blessed

Pastor Al Paris

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003

AMEN! AMEN! I am profoundly saddend at hearing the news of Parson Fisher's passing. My SOUL doth MAGNIFY the Lord! May the Peace of God continue to abide in the Fisher Family. QED

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003

I both cry and rejoice at the passing of my friend. I pray for his family as they deal with this shocking event. May God surround them with His love.

Pray for his family, pray for one another.

"May Jesus give him a seat near His throne, and He will not want for better company."

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003

I join the list of those tremendously saddened by this news. Rev. Fisher's ground-breaking efforts in cyber-ministry have brought a dimension of brotherhood and connectionalism to this church that none could have imagined four years ago. Look at whom we've met, how many different perspectives we now see, and the joy of future meetings we anticipate.

Sadly, for we who are still bound by this mortal flesh, our meeting with our dear, departed brother and leader must wait. Good night, Rev. Fisher; I'll see you in the morning.

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003

To the entire Fisher Family

I am really saddened with the passing of a dear Brother who has gone to receive his reward from the Great I Am. Know ye that God is in control and that He will in His own time heal the wounds.

Through Rev. Fisher ( of whom I have had the honour to meet at the General Conference in 2000), I have learnt much about the internet and through this I have met many friends and read many discussions which enlightened me and my thinking.

I pray that we all will pause for a moment and remember him and pray for his family.

May God Bless us all.

Rev. William C Legolie, II Vinton Anderson AME Church CAPE TOWN, South Africa

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003

I would like to express my deepest condolence to the family, friends, and church family of Rev. John Fisher. I have thanked him privately for establishing this wonderful forum for all Christians to share with one another the great things God does for us, to us, and through us.

Moreover, Iím deeply grateful to Rev. Fisher for touching my life with his daily emails from AME-Today. I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward each day to reading his inspiring writings. When I stopped receiving emails, I knew there was something wrong.

He was one of the most prolific and talented writers I have ever known. He will certainly be greatly missed by us all. Bless the name of the Lord for sharing with us his wonderful, creative, and productive servant! May he forever rest-in-peace.

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003

I am both deeply shocked and profoundly saddened by this news. I have been concerned for our Brother but now he is the editor of a journal of good news. May God Bless his family through this difficult time. They have been in morning since the death of his father and need our love and prayers. May God Bless us all to be encouraged by this profound medium of witness and news.

God Bless Rev. John Fisher and his family

Love from Bermuda

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003

My Deepest sympathy goes to the family of the Reverend Fisher and the First Episcopal District -- his spirit and his love of the church will be never forgotten -- I held him in high respect and regard.


His Life Inspired us -- His Message moves us to act.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2003

My deepest sympathies to the Fisher family and the Bensalem African Methodist Episcopal Church. "He waited patiently for God. God did not tarry long."


-- Anonymous, March 30, 2003

Our deepest sympathy go out to the family of the Reverend Fisher, his congregation and the First Episcopal District. Let us continue to lift them in prayer. Pastor Gregory, Rev. Brenda and the Bethel AME church (Champaign, IL).

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2003

I want to join with those across the Connectional Church whose prayers reach heavenward on behalf of the Fisher family at this time. I was saddened to receive the news of Rev. John's death. It came as a constant reminder to me thjat we are not promised tomorrow. I believe that as we will spend time reflecting on Rev. John Fisher's contribution to our Zion, it is probably safe to say that he has done more in a short period of time to connect the out reach of the church through this forum. Through his vision and commitment, good news has been able to reach hands and homes that it may never have reached. Rev. John's contribution and this ministry must be allowed to live on. I pray that all of us will work together to assist his family in doing this. My prayer is that his family be comforted both in his contribution and through his memory. The Heard Chapel AME Church family, Pembroke, Bermuda joins me in these expressions.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2003

I want to add my thanks to God for the opportunities I had to know and work with Rev. John Fisher. His passing was sudden and, like many others, I was jolted by the news.

I add the respects of the Bean family along with Bright Temple A.M.E. Church in Warwick, Bermuda to Jan and Dorian, to Rev. Fisher's mother and the members of Bensalem, PA. I will miss seeing Rev. John here in this life, yet the prospect of a reunion already stirs my soul's anticipation.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2003

It is with heartfelt sadness that I acknowledge the news of the passing of Reverend John. We have indeed lost a profound pastor, leader and friend who took literally the words, "Go ye into all the world."

Through his insight, inspiration and expertise persons of many nations, creeds and faiths have been brought together to share, to love, to understand each other, to learn and to grow. Although we never personally met, I cherish the notes that we shared. May God bless and sustain his family and friends through this hour of their bereavement and in the days and years to come.

God loves you and so do we and we thank God for the life and work of Reverend John.

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2003

To the Family of Rev. John Fisher,

I pray that during your hour of bereavement that you will be comforted by the Holy Spirit. I pray that your faith in God will grow stronger and carry you through this sad time.

I have never met Rev. Fisher in person but I have come to respect and admire his journalism skills and the warm welcome that he gave me to the AME church. I thank God for the life of this man who still lives but who is now " absent from the body and present with the Lord".


-- Anonymous, March 31, 2003

I am devastated at the loss of Rev. Fisher! He was truly a giant in the area of information techonology! Hopefully, someone will pick up Rev. Fisher's mantle and keep AME Today alive. It has been a blessing!

May God's choicest blessings fall upon his family and keep them safe!

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2003

I was sad to hear about Rev. Fisher's passing, but I know he is with the Lord. My condolences to the Fisher family.

What a friend we have in Jesus. All our sin and grief to bare. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer. When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be. When we all see Jesus we will sing and shout the victory!

-- Anonymous, March 31, 2003

I wish to extend condolences to the family of Rev. John, including the family that has been created on AME-TODAY Discussion Board. He has been called home and is truely missed. Like many others here, I have never met Rev. Fisher in person but I feel that I knew him. The Word tells us "Therefore, by their fruits you will know them." We in the AME Connection were blessed by his fruit. Rev. Fisher is a great example to present that one person CAN make a difference. To me, this board, a labor of love for him, made the connection "real". Through this board the Lord has joined folks from all over the world, small churches, large churches, North, South, Africa, USA, in Kingdom work. To God be the Glory. So at a time like this, we are deeply saddened and our prayers are with and for each other and the Fisher family, the BenSalem family. God Bless us all and I thank God for Rev Fisher and his loving family. We at St Paul A.M.E. Church, Cambridge, Mass.continue to pray for the family. God Bless Bob McCain

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

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