Let us join together in prayer for Rev. John Fisher and his family!

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For a moment, let us cease with the verbage and direct our energy into another direction. Let us remember and prayer for Rev. John Fisher! I have just discovered that he is in critical condition and would benefit from our prayers and support! Please join me in prayer as we lift up Rev. John in prayer! His condition is serious!

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2003



We thank you for those simple gifts that we often take for granted: Another day in your kingdom, our sight, the touch of a loved one, a smile, the air that we breathe.

We stand in the gap today, Father, for one of our own, Rev. John Fisher. We ask that your hand be present with the Fisher family in this, their hour of need.

Please comfort them, and remove all doubt and fear from their hearts. Give them an added measure of courage and faith. Let them rest well tonight, knowing that you are keeping watch.

In the mighty, matchless, and precious name of Jesus we pray...


-- Anonymous, March 28, 2003

Thank You Brother Ray

For some time I have been concerned about our dear brother. My spirit has been focused on him for over a month. I am praying in agreement with you.

May God move with his matchless power and wonder and touch our dear brother John Fisher. May God's passion and merciful love wrap our Rev.Brother wherever he may be. May God stengthen Rev. Fisher and his family. May God hold up the Bensalem Church family and community where he serves. May Bless Rev. Fisher's place of employment and his editorial associates.

May God Bless All of us who are challenged at this time.

God Bless You Ray and thanks for the news.

-- Anonymous, March 29, 2003

May God lay his merciful hands upon you and your family and continue to watch over you. Amen

-- Anonymous, April 01, 2003

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