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Call for submission on "The Art of Paul Jaisini by Yustas Kotz Gottlieb" The site currently accepts entries through the guest book to be featured in the upcoming art book about Paul Jaisini the New York City visual artists including the comments of viewers. Please review your comments and respond if you agree to have your entry as a part of the book due to be in print summer 2003. Sincerely, Yustas Kotz Gottlieb New York The Art of Paul Jaisini by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb

-- yustas (, March 27, 2003


Yustas, I'm trying to figure out the context of your post to which I am responding. Can you enlighten me? Google search normally corrects my otherwise imperfect memory, but the over 3000 hits on your name did not help this time. Michael H. Brill

-- Michael H. Brill (, May 22, 2003.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for Publication of "Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity" WRITER'S GUIDELINES L.C.McCreshly Publications is seeking submissions for their upcoming book entitled: Jaisini Gleitzeit Supermodernity: New age American art. What is accepted for submission to be included in the book: Literary essays (1,000-3,000 words) for associative writing on invisible paintings. The best art is art of fantasy; literary exploration of visual dimension is a new a vehicle but expresses so much more, contemporary directions of aesthetic development in art and art receptors, viewers who belong to the art tradition and never before had a chance to express their opinion on art. This is your opportunity to be a part of a new art and express your understanding of future of fine art. You can also submit controversial views and any argument to the leading idea of non-visibility of new art. HOW to submit: In the body of an e-mail. No attachments. Send submissions to, with “Submission” in the subject line. Please include your name, pen name if you use one, and author's bio if desired. Your work will be judged on merit of originality and degree of interest in the subject (you are advised to read essays, but the style of writing is not mandated to be professional art-speak and can be free versed. RIGHTS AND COPYRIGHT We ask for reproduction and archival rights. Author retains all other rights. DEADLINE Closing date for entries will depend on quantity and quality of submissions. We expect to include as many authors who submitted original opinions also depending on length of selected works. CONTACT Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb

-- gottlieb (, June 03, 2003.

Dear Yustas Why do you never use visuals with your essays? Am I to assume that the art work is directed at the imagination rather than the Eye, forcing the viewer to create their own image around the suggested themes? Therefore creating a greater understanding between the recipient and the artist's intentions. Joshie

-- josh chambers (, June 11, 2003.

Are there any more true accounts, recolections, etc., that would help me understand??? I would like to read anyone's essays here. It would be good.

-- s c saroff  (, June 21, 2003.

Hey sweet Yustas: I think perhaps i should researh you next, after Wolfe, as you too are fascinating! Yours Truly, Janine

-- Janine (, July 06, 2003.

Dear Mr. Kotz-Gottlieb:

Thank you for your query regarding Art of Paul Jaisini - Code Orange. Please send hard copy samples per accompanying guidelines.

T. Harris NELA__

-- Harris (, July 07, 2003.

Re: Blue Reincarnation Narcissus painting by Jaisini Agreed, Buck.

Freada Dillon ~ Poetry Editor

-- F, dillon (, July 10, 2003.

A decorative role of the painting's color is to create the temperature contrast of the heated environment with the marble-cold statue . In Jaisini's "Marble Lady," the object of the intense desire remains alluring, yet perpetually distant . PUBLIC SEX ANAL SEX Asian Fetish PIERCINGS BRUNETTE,The construction of such a female identity fiction can inspire both high and low natures . The line arabesques are these highly individual textures of Jaisini's art . Sexuality remained beyond the scope of most art history . Making a show of the stimulating act, she displayed the copious ejaculate as she slurped it up from a handsome youth's cock-head and balls, sucking up semen where she'd let it dribble when smiling for the camera . PUBLIC SEX ANAL SEX Asian Fetish PIERCINGS BRUNETTE,My hands moved to cup her breast and squeezed it, making her moan . But this better not be a put on ,PUBLIC SEX ANAL SEX Asian Fetish PIERCINGS BRUNETTE. " she finally said . Therefore, an image of the woman is defined through the desire of both spectators, the unmanly poet and the savage who may well be a subscriber to "Penis Power Quarterly" The statue of Galatea was and still is the symbol of fictional perfection, a result of the search for ideal woman that parallels the artist's own creative urge . In "Marble Lady," we find the two types of spectatorship: the masculine and the non-masculine . PUBLIC SEX ANAL SEX Asian Fetish PIERCINGS BRUNETTE,That night was the first of many nights at "Dark Desires" I always sat on the same stool, and she always slid me a vodka the minute I sat down . "Marble Lady" is a compact, pyramidal composition of the "trio" As in all of his works, Jaisini subdues the figures to the articulation of line and its rhythmic connection between forms in space, a sort of analytical process, based on the line swinging which starts up ideas, shapes, and colors . PUBLIC SEX ANAL SEX Asian Fetish PIERCINGS BRUNETTE,In all of his works, Jaisini unites the high and low principles, integrating art into the material life, breaking out of art's ivory tower . Thank you for reading .

-- asian (, July 10, 2003.

Your comments were published on The Art of Paul Jaisini by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb Thank you for your opinion and response.

RIGHTS AND COPYRIGHT We ask for reproduction and archival rights. Author retains all other rights. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb Art of Paul Jaisini by Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb Who is Artist Paul Jaisini New York Code Orange Jaisini new art series

-- gleitzeit (, July 15, 2003.

The articles themselves are well done, the ideas expressed in a clear manner.

As for my response, I try to be a man of my word.

And about the write-ups, I need to say this: As an artist and a writer, both of which I have done professionally (although now I devote most of my time to writing) it is VERY hard for me to "get meaning" or "derive an absolute truth" from art (or even writing for that matter). Once something gets 'artsy' I tend to lose interest. A body of work, or a piece of art should do something different for each different person who views it. I am totally into comic books. I love the art. Yes, it has one purpose - to tell the story. And yet, there are many ways to do it! There are people who like an artist for how they go about their story-telling art, and others who don't like it for the same reason.

Nevertheless, in spite of my opinionated ranting, you are good at what you are doing with your writing.

-- Mathew (, July 16, 2003.

I just checked your site and it looks very interesting. I am curious about your work, and would certainly take my time to read your essays. Hope you are well, and let us keep in touch!

-- Guido (, July 19, 2003.

Oddly enough, I do subscribe to "Penis Power Quarterly." I used to get "Respect the Cock" Monthly, but it wasn't obteuse enough for me. Nowadays I only get it when they print the bi-annual "Tame the Cunt" special edition.

What the hell was all that about? I understood it, but only the last paragraph was even mildly relevent.

IMO an engagement is still relevent because it prepares people psychologically for a marraige. It's a kind of cooling period to reflect upon what they are about to do.

-- wanna (, August 07, 2003.

I studied art history a long time ago, while I was slaving to stay interested enough to graduate with my BFA. The anti-art people like the Dada movement didn't interest me much. I had nothing against the stuff they were reacting to and with the exception of Dali, it just seemed a way for no-talent individuals to feel important.

But for someone with no talent, or without any value system, the talented artists of the past were albatrosses around their necks. Much better to claim that talent and accomplishment are passe and without merit.

So far, all the writing about invisible art is like a self parody. Good for a chuckle, but about as serious as a one-liner. Is Fasini's book copyrighted?

As for Dali, he was laughing all the way to the bank. (Laughing at us.)

Bob K. ========================================= "There is only one difference between a madman and me. I am not mad." ...Salvador Dali (1904–1989)

-- Bob (, August 24, 2003.

Buy my book at Lulu!

-- yustas kotz-gottlieb (, October 10, 2003.

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