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Looking to become photographers assistant in NYC. I'm self taught, and self driven to explore photography for what it is. I am very professional in what I do, and who I work with. I am 24 year old male and have been doing photography as a hobby for about 2 years. I'm looking for a non-paid position on weekends and nights. I would really like to get my hands dirty and learn as much as possible from a professional photographer.

If you have any questions regarding my work or any questions you may have, please contact me via email:anton@fridnet.com

Thank you in advance


-- Anton Frid (anton@fridnet.com), March 27, 2003


Hello Anton, I hope that all is well. Do you have a background in photography? I need a photographer for an event on Sep.16,2003. I can offer a salary. As well as a fun evening. let me know if you are interested. We can go from there. I will talk to you soon.

All the best,Amanda

-- Amanda Moore (captivant@msn.com), August 03, 2003.

Please remove this, as well as my email address. It was placed on here without my knowledge. If it is not removed I will go to the site.


-- amanda moore (captivant@msn.com), April 02, 2004.

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