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Amidst the current rancorous rhetoric about war, Saddam Hussein and forecasts about the Apocalypse, I was saddendd to learn about the death of Daniel P. Moynihan. Senator Moynihan was a rare public servant in that he distinguished himself both in the Halls of Congress as well as the Halls of the Academy. He served with distinction as a Harvard Professor, Cabinet Officer (for both parties I might add) during the 60s, UN Ambassador and US Senator for New York. Recently, along with the most influential black Wall Street executive, Richard Parsons (President of Time-Warner/AOL), he co-chaired President Bush's important Task Force on Social Security Reform. As an erudite writer and serious social scientist, Moynihan was called upon repeatedly to illuminate the American public on vital issues of our day. One such occassion caused him to be at odds with members of the black Academy who villified him for his social science analysis about the future of the black family, circa 1965. The so-called 'Moynihan Report' predicted (correctly) that the early 60s trend of rising female headed black households will have deleterious consequences for black social and economic stability. The intellectual pogrom which ensued shortly after Moynihan's "findings" was aimed specifically at discrediting the Report. Long before Charles Murray gained infamy and social notoriety, the name of Moynihan was persona non grata in the minds of the black elite. Nonetheless, Moynihan survived the reckless charges of racism and current demographic research completely vindicates his seminal research. Odd, I don't seem to recall any public apology by the anti-Moynihan zealots to the late Senator yet I'm sure they will provide some form of cosmetic comforting words at his funeral. Numbers don't lie, people do. QED

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2003


Dear Brother

I too am equally saddened by the passing of a political giant in the personage of the late Senator. I have followed your politics for over 20 years and have found the New York Senator always direct even when it was not popular. He will be a hugh miss.

Very timely posting my Brother

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2003

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