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I have a minted SF brass token, circa 1854 for Twenty D. It has a womans head on the front, and an eagle with a "dot" halo above it. I've been told it's worth nothing by a coin collector, but then was told this is worth some $$ by a history-type collector. Can someone send me in the right direction to find how much this token is worth and who and/or where I could take this token to have appraised, if it is in fact worth some bucks? I could really use any help you could provide. Thank you !

-- Denise Michalowski (, March 27, 2003


Sounds like a reproduction of a 'kellogg & Company' coin (private SF mint). If it was gold it would be worth serious bucks but my grandmother told me that during the 1880's jewelers struck a bunch of novelty coins from bronze and brass (often made into stick-pins tie clasps, etc.) to commemorate the 30 years of California statehood. Your coin is worth something but don't give up your day job. Private mints, operating in California prior to the mint opening filled the void by supplying needed coins for commerce. Some companies were more reputable then others and some coins are quite valuable today. Your reproduction is a copy of just such a coin. Good luck.

-- Will (, April 08, 2003.

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