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Basically this is what I'm tring to do.

I have alot of friends that give me DVDs and want me to encode them to WMV so they can stream some of their own movies online.

What I usually do is use DVD COPY PLUS which is basically Smart Ripper and DVDx 2.2! I use Smart Ripper to get the IFO and DVDx to decode to a raw AVI file. I take the raw AVI file and run it through Media Cleaner 5.2.

What happens is that the audio plays then stops, pops, then starts playing again, then it stops, pops, and plays again, OVER and OVER. All of it. This is before I use Cleaner.

I think the problem is that when I open the IFO file in DVDx the Audio displays "??? AC3 2ch (0x80)". This isn't correct right? It also displays this problem in Smart Ripper!

I actually tried to use the same process on a DVD bought from the store and Audio displays "Audio English AC3 (2ch) 48khz Normal Caption".

I even tried to use other DVDs friends have made and no luck. It seems like the Pros use the right codes and my friends (people) dont?

I can't tell you how much trouble of I've had with this.

If theres any way you can assist me I would appreciate it and am willing to provide you design service free.

All I need to know is how to take DVD's and convert it into AVI's so i can compress and clean using Cleaner.

Thanks in advance sirs!

You must be bad asses!

-- Alexander (rez351@yahoo.com), March 27, 2003


To be blunt, your problem is too advanced for this forum. This is a VCD forum and the people who post here are very inexperienced. They can't make VCDs, let alone worry about ripping DVDs and encoding to WMV. There is a much more advanced video forum at http://network54.com/Hide/Forum/70438. If you post your question there, perhaps someone can help you. Your question is also off topic for us, making it better if you ask it in another forum.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), March 27, 2003.

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