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Hi Everyone,

I have a MSI TV@nywhere card which works fine but the recordings it makes in MPEG4 are of very poor quality. If I record in MPEG2 the video looks great but the file sizes are huge. I have almost a 2 gig file for about 40 minutes of video and audio. I need to convert the 640 X 480 MPEG2 video/audio stream into 640 X 480 MPEG4 video/audio stream. My MSI card will record MPEG4 in 320 X 240 only. Basically I want good quality video at lower file sizes. What's the best program to use? FlashMPEG doesn't seem to like the video/audio stream MPEG2 my card outputs.



-- John Wagner (, March 24, 2003


If you're getting a 2 gig file for 40 minutes of MPEG audio, you're recording at a really high bit rate and possibly recording WAV audio instead of MPEG-2 audio. Try reducing the bit rate to something like 4500 Kbps and your file sizes should be more reasonable. I know nothing about your card, but has some guides on converting to DivX. There is one more possibility. Are you sure you're recording MPEG2 video? The file size you are getting is pretty big unless your bit rate is over 10000 Kbps or you are recording WAV audio. Is there any chance you are actually recording AVI format? That would cause you to have large file sizes and would explain some of the problems you have. I will be honest with you, you're not likely to find a lot of help on the internet about your card. It's pretty easy to get help with ATI cards and even Dazzle (they don't make TV cards, but will record TV if it comes from a VCR first), but the less popular cards like yours rarely have forums devoted to them and the people in the existing video forums tend to work with the big boys (ATI, Dazzle and maybe Matrox) and have little to no experience with cards like yours.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), March 25, 2003.

Reconverting MPEG2 to DivX will lead to some loss of details of the movie. The MPEG is an already lossy codec, and by reconversion to another lossy format you will lose again from the original quality. However, the loss is not so dramatic. You can find a lot of clues at There you could find tutorials as well. Good luck!

-- D.S. (, May 29, 2003.


use the new one microsoft media encoder 9.0 and encode your mpeg2 file to a new file with about 1200kbit/s, so you get a very good and reduced file from first 44mbit/s/minute to 9mbit/s/minute mr. bouregard

-- Bouregard (, July 05, 2003.

hi mpeg4 decoder

-- mohsen (, August 03, 2003.

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