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burning a video CD on MITSUMI drive with Nero (came with the drive.) Playing on Sony DVD player (stamped as VCD-compatible). REGARDLESS of the source file (downloaded, mpeg/avi/asf/whatever)audio is ALWAYS out of sync with video - approx 1 second. sucks. What could be wrong here - I know I can fix the VCD mpeg file with some utilities, but I'd rather find the SOURCE of the problem and fix it - any suggestions, PLEASE!!!

-- Alex (, March 24, 2003


I am also facing exact problem with Sony DVD player, i.e. audio is 1 sec out of sync. It looks it is the problem with DVD player because same VCD plays perfect on PC.

-- Neeraj (, April 05, 2003.

The same result with Toshiba DVD player. Nero is the problem.

-- Stanislav (, June 27, 2003.

I have an Aspire DVD player, DV recorder. Recording a tv show on to vcd, playback is out of sync. I'm contacting the company and hope something good comes of it.

-- Mike (, July 03, 2003.

i had the same problem with nero ....the answer is to set your recorder to its lowest burn speed as nero cannot keep up with the drive as it is converting as well...but tmpgenc is the quickest and more reliable i have a template that enables u to fit a 120 minute film onto a 80 min cdr contact my email and i will send u a copy....

-- Randy Green (, August 16, 2003.

Use Virtual Dub software facility to create a WAV file: 1. Load up film- you may get 'VBR' warning- ignore 2. Click on 'Video, click 'Direct Stream Copy' 3. Click 'Audio, click 'Full Processing Mode' 4. Click 'Audio' again and click on 'Conversion' 5. Click on 44100hz, high quality, 16bit and stereo, click 'OK' 6. Click on 'Save Wav' on main menu, name file and save. When WAV file is created (usually takes up to 5 mins), open TMPGE (Tsunami encoder) 1. Select VCD Pal on first screen, click 'Next' 2. Load AVI/MPG file into first box 3. Load WAV file you created into second box, click 'Next' 4. If you want to 'split' the film select first part of film using 'Source Range'. You can also make sound earlier/later. 5. Once you have some suitable footage encoded (lip-sync etc.), you can click 'abort', check result and if necessary (it isn't usually)go back to TMPGE 'Source Range' screen, alter sound syncing (a little goes a long way- try 20ms for a starter). If your clever enough you can play film in this screen and watch graphic audio display to get sync right. This sounds complicated, but I'm pretty dumb, so if I can do it, you can too! And it works!

-- Movie Man (, January 31, 2004.

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