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I saw the latest Exilim camera at the IT Show 2003, EX-Z3, and was very impressed by it. However when I went back on the last day they have all been sold out, and the store was taking a packaged pre-order deal.

Since I'm in no hurry for it, could I ask if anyone knows what's the cheapest EX-Z3 I could find here and where?

-- Reeve (, March 22, 2003


Hi Reeve, Maybe you can try getting a quote from this website.

Got a quote from them not long ago for the Olympus Mju 300 at $589 inclusive gst. pretty decent price i'll say.

-- Erebus (, April 04, 2003.

watever u do, dun go buy camera at pennisula plaza. the fucker is a weasel. he give low price then allow u to bargain, then add gst. And he give u that kan ne na look if u dun buy. that chee bye. Fuck him to hell!

-- Fuck (, April 08, 2003.

Serious ah? Which shop name? Might as well warn the rest here.

I had the same experience in Sim Lim Sq. In fact I know a few of this kind of bastard businessmen, and I'm still thinking of a way to get back at them for treating customers like that.

-- Reeve (, April 09, 2003.

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