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hi im in school and i really want to build a motorbike if anyone has any ideas would you please email me thanks.

-- simon (, March 21, 2003


Hi I am in school and have just started building a motor bike I have been going tthe scrap yard and I am getting a body of the bike from them

-- joe (, March 23, 2003.

i just finished buildind one and im starting a buisiness bitch ass mutha fucking pussy

-- bob smith (, May 06, 2003.

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-- iluvpussy (, November 24, 2003.

Howya, first make a list of da shit u need, d frame and den all d parts, den GO 2 GOOGLE (duh) and look up d number for as many shops near u as u can find (or u can getsomeparts importd from Kawazaki like i did sept dats more expensive) and youl find a good site if you go to and look up a site. i just dont got all day to tell u how. P.S. my real name is ORLA DALY hehe, if u get any better responses be sure and let me no, cos il do another one.. yknow? Just helping out a future fellow biker. (if u wana start up an international gang, mail me.)

-- $ExY Iri$|-| BikER DUdeTE (, January 05, 2004.

I think this guy has been riding a motorbike if ya know what I mean...

-- Dill Fickle (, April 23, 2004.

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