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Is it possible to place decoders in Life-Like locomotives? I have not seen much information on this brand. Is there web page showing decoders available for certain models and which models can't be modified?

-- Tod Garthwaite (, March 20, 2003


Generally, you can put a decoder in any locomotive. The considerations are: can you fit one in the available space; and how much rewiring is required. The new LifeLike locos are fairly easy to do, many have a circuit board and come with instructions on how to install a decoder. There are even plug and play decoders for some Life Like engines. See the North Coast Engineering site for example at


-- Dale Gloer (, March 21, 2003.

I have installed decoders in 2 Life-Like N Scale engines. You can see a picture of the inside at the bottom of this page. I also did a small Life-Like GP18 without any problems.

-- Michael Moon (, March 21, 2003.

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