What are some examples of Imagery in Poe's Poetry, and specifically what poems is there imagery in, and what specific lines or examples?

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What are some examples of Imagery in Poe's Poetry, and more specifically what Poems does he use imagery the most, and what are some lines or examples of this?

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2003


Visual dreamscape poems of the dreamy faraway fantasy so that the real force of nature's beauty does not steal away the mood and theme Poe is trying to express. these are inner dreams made visual, not actual external scenes to be rhapsodied upon even though there ARE specific origins to the places. "The Valley of Unrest" "The City in the Sea".(Hebrides and The Dead Sea respectively)

But imagery in general is organic to the symbolism and the whole of the poem as in "The Haunted Palace" where the connection between the head, the man, the palace is multiple bound imagery. (hair, eyes, words undergoing the decay of time in the image of a palace). Poe's romanticism is distinguished by the abscence of flowery imagery and most simile. It is all metaphor, stark colors and half light or darkness. The Sleeper and Ulalume use setting to convey meaning and mood. Once you get the way Poe restricts and incorporates imagery, where it has a life of its own that is bound with the ghosts or spirits of the living you can see it in most of the poems. "To Helen" both poems are using the ideal beauty of the restful eden, the beautiful woman in terms of radiant(a potential hanging suspended)light, silence and sound.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2003

Imagery is when a person reads and pictures the scenery or a character in their mind.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2003

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