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In the poem Annabel Lee, what elements does the poet(Edgar Allen Poe) use? Also whats the elements effect on the poem? Also what is the setting And mood of Annabel Lee? Also what is the poets message in Annabel Lee? I need them answered good!

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2003


Poe uses sound music, onomatopaeia and sea rhythms for the rolling, repetitive lament. The ballad is vaguely sketched far away and long ago. THE important thing is that the entire poem is from the narrator's perspective "many a year ago". That is usually missed in the chilling implcations of the end, that he goes out be the tomb always since then, his passion and sorrow unabated. He sketches a childhood love matching the world and heavens that tore them apart. Elelment therefore of revolt, an unbreakable bond beneath the total crush of the world and the separation of death. Annabel Lee starts out like a ballad ABOUT Annabel Lee. She is hardly sketched except as someone who only lived for his love. Like "Ligeia" or "Wuthering Heights" by Bronte, the terminated romance has evolved into a clinging together against the universe- except that the narrator still lives. Defiance, melancholy, bitterness and above all a fixed position to match the fixed emotion. That it is not lifeless and dead is marked by the added rhyme expressing deep emotion still "my darling, my darling, my life and and my bride". Poe changed the last line to maintain the relentless rhythm but the first choice gives a more musical conclusion with echos of the sea in response "by the sounding sea."

The "Kingdom by the sea" is fantasy, but may refer to Helen Whitman's city. "Highborn kinsmen"- well Poe had to battle a few sets of these in his romances. Roysters, Poes, and Whtiman's family. Echoes of his personal loss of his wife Virginia seem to underly the sentiment at the least subconsciously, though Poe's attitude and mood about his lost loves goes far far back and is seen in his poems "A Paean". The chilling of Annabel Lee seems to echo the prolonged exposure of the narrator by the "tomb by the side of the sea".

There is a remarkably similar poem Poe may have read "The Mourner"(12/4/1807) using the name "Anna" her being torn away by death "many a long year ago" while the mourner pines away in a "cot by the side of the sea". Poe's poem is much stronger, defiant and not pointed toward Christian hope so much as his existential sate.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2003

Egdar Allen poe Was crazy. He wrote About his wife because he could not find a new girlfriend.

-- Anonymous, November 24, 2004

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