Why was E. A. Poe's work important to American history?

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Why as E. A. Poe's work important to American history?

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2003


Formeost because of his genius. Then his establishing a distinctly unique art that is neither just parochial American nor aped European but incorporates all that is valuable into his own individual expression. he took movements and genres and blended them into a new one, the modern detective story, wrote the best short poems that put America on the map, had the greatest long term influence on international literature through the discipleship of his soul poet Charles Baudelaire of France.He established a real critical method in the American journals, made their porofits soar with controversies, new features(the puzzle page of ciphers)amnd raising the short story to a higher art form while maintaining accessibility and popularity. Established art theories and championed the cause of quality American art and copyright protection. He symbolizes the South, the period of the great expansion, progress and urbanization of the continent, the optimism of scientific curiosity. Yes optimism, for unlike the wildly exagerrated Gothic tales of his time Poe allowed reason to triumph or know the reason why without moralizing or overt supernatural elements, allowing suggestive depths to expand and enrich the singular experience.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2003

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