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Can anyone identify a source for 16V 1000uF bi-polar capacitors for use with Soundtraxx diesel decoders. I would like to increase the bass response. I have tried to locate these, but I am having trouble. I only need about four (4) and get lost going to the large electronic suppliers web sites.

Thanks in advance.

-- James Mazeski (jimmaze@bellatlantic.neet), March 18, 2003



Go to my website. I have a 25V part listed for Digikey. Digikey probably has the part in 16V. Digikey used to have a $25 minimum or they had a small extra charge. There is always something I want, so hitting $25 has never been a problem.

Also try Mouser. They don't have a minimum.

It shouldn't be hard to search either site. But if it is, call them. I have found both companies very easy to work with. Your description is specific enough, that they won't have any troule helping you. There are additional choices they may give you. Just say, this is a non-critical application. No other parameters are important. I'll take whatever is cheapest.

BTW: How did you find out about using this part? If you used my website, there should have been a link to the parts page. If I am missing a link, please tell me which locomotive write-up you were reading. If you learned about using this part from some other source, then you don't need to answer this question. I just wanted to be sure I had not left something out of my web site. Thank you!

-- Allan Gartner (, March 18, 2003.

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