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not sure if this is up and working yet, but if so, welcome to it. hopefully this will provide a good place to continue the interesting debates that have been ongoing and to discuss new issues. i believe that a newsgroup has also been started, but will have to check on the details of that.

as the maintainer of the wesite i'm also the moderator of this forum, although i as of yet don't know what that entails or how to go about it. if YOU do, why don't you take my job? this volunteer position is open for the taking--you get to play with some great industry-standard layout and design software for print and web, learn about publishing in various media, and get an important-sounding position to add onto your resume--"communications director" for an organization representing over two-hundred people.

if you're interested in the job, please don't post to this thread, send me an email (shorner@trentu.ca) instead.

-- stephen horner (shorner@trentu.ca), March 18, 2003

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