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I'm new to the board and after a quick scan of previous posts I don't see a direct answer to this question, but I may have just missed it. Anyway...

I recently picked up a used Aeon Flux DVD for $15. After noticing that it is not a complete collection, I startd poking around on the web. The only DVD I can find available seems to be priced in the $100 range (on Ebay and Amazon). Is the DVD I have something different, or are the prices I found not representiative, or did I just get very lucky with this purchase?

The DVD I have contains the following chapters: 1. Trailers 2. Aeon Flux Open 3. Gravity 4. Thanatophobia 5. Leisure 6. A Last Time For Everything 7. Tide 8. The Purge 9. War 10. Isthmus Crypticus 11. Aeon Flux

Thanks for any info.

-- Robert B (, March 18, 2003


You lucky fella - that's the original MTV DVD. They only released the equivalent of the first tape on disc. It does indeed trade for about $100 - congrats on finding it so cheap. The remaining 3rd season eps as well as the 2nd season short 'Night' are on two additional tapes, Mission Infinite and Operative Terminus. These were never released on DVD, so if you find them on disc they're pirated.

-- Charles Martin (`), March 18, 2003.

I am kicking myself now for never buying the DVD when it came out. They had several at my Tower Records (for months), and I never bought them, figuring that a boxed set would come out.

-- Michael (, March 19, 2003.

Yes you are very lucky. Most of what is being sold now on ebay is hacked copies and dubs form video tape to a computer then back to a dvd-r. You have the real deal and at a very good price for sure.

-- tom (, March 20, 2003.

I remember renting that DVD 4 years ago from netflix and never returning it. Now its worth $100, albeit less mind you that its only the disc minus the packaging.

-- Leslie Daenjuersli (, March 21, 2003.

I bought the dvd last summer from some used music and movies store for like $15. I was about to not get it cuz all i had was $20, but Im glad I bought it now!

-- Mike (, April 25, 2003.

You can go into any mall with a Suncoast and order Aeon Flux on dvd for like 20 dollars, brand new. I just ordered it myself last week.

-- Kevin Maty (, August 24, 2003.

Yeah, but I've had a copy on order from Suncoast for the past 4 months. They assure me that their computers indicate they have it at another store or something, but it is just very hard to acquire. They tried to explain their convoluted ordering system, how it goes through this store and that distribution center, and then this store... But I'm not holding my breath. :(

-- Jackie (, October 05, 2003.

It's INvaluable. ;) I wouldn't sell mine for less than $500.

-- Adam Tierney (, December 23, 2003.

why will there mot be a new release with all episodes ever??? duz anyone know for sure?

-- scott (, January 13, 2004.

YES! I ordered the DVD from suncoast months ago as well, they keep telling me different reasons for not yet receiving it, but I think they may be full of B.S. But, better to wait then to... never get it, I guess. Damn you Suncoast......

-- Max W. (, January 13, 2004.

I purchased mine from Sam Goody about 2 years ago for $20. I've been trying to find the complete series. It's out now, but it costs approx. $225 for the DVD.

-- Kim (, February 20, 2004.

Yeah, and just to let everyone know, after months and months of Suncoast telling me that the DVD was being sent to them, they just recently informed me that it is out of print. That's funny, considering I told them that when I first ordered it from them. Anyways everything is alright, I got my $5 deposit back. Dammit, wait! I don't have an Aeon Flux DVD! damn them all.

-- Max W. (, February 22, 2004.

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