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My Father had hip surgery about a 1.5 years ago. It was his second. The first went well, but the second surgery (other side of hip) has resulted in alot of pain. His surgeon sent him on a round of "specialists", and the conclusion: infection or nerve damage; --nothing they can do about it but give him medication to ease the pain. It seems to be most painful when he gets up after sitting, but once he's been walking for a while, the pain is greatly reduced-most of the time. Any suggestions to verify the diagnosis? Any medications or other to reduce the pain.

The operation seems to have made him more handicapped than ever.

(FYI-a different surgeon did the second operation)

-- P. W. K. (, March 18, 2003


It is not possible to give specific medical advice outside the context of a full evaluation that includes physical exam and review of relevant imaging studies. David S. Hungerford, M.D.

-- David S. Hungerford (, March 21, 2003.

Apparently, my Father has been through many tests and evaluations as ordered by the Doctor who performed the hip surgery. Those Specialists think it may be nerve damage from an infection. My Father has tried a variety of medications and shots but none seem to work completely. My point is this: Would it be prudent to get another opinion of a "hip surgeon" who is not affiliated with the one that performed the "unsuccessful" hip surgery? (not knowing myself what went wrong, when, by whom)...Again, the pain is always there in his leg to some extent, but more so when he rises from a sitting position...

Just trying to get pointed in the right direction vs. just having him "live with it". Thank you.


-- P.W.K. (, March 23, 2003.

Hi, That pain getting up I know real well! I'd had hip replacement and hip revision surgery (the last one Oct.2001), then last year in the spring had an abcessed tooth-the infection went to the hip! Unbearable pain! The family doc gave me pain meds, sent me on to the surgeon who gave me antibiotics for a couple months after having done x-rays and a hip aspiration (neither test was conclusive). And it took a very long time to be back to where I was physically before the abcess and ensuing hip problems! The big bummer is having to stop the pain meds in order to take the it was 5 or 6 days before the antibiotics 'kicked in' and the pain began to lessen. But that was 4 months of being in bed! Anyways, that's something you can ask-10 days of antibiotics didn't do it....

-- Betty Stokes (, September 03, 2004.

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