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"Variety reports "Girlfight" writer/director Karyn Kusama will handle the live-action feature version of MTV's futuristic cable series."

Too good to be true?

-- Leslie Daenjuersli (, March 18, 2003


When is MTV going to ask Peter Chung to come on board?

-- Barb e. (, March 20, 2003.

R. Howard when did you get to read that script? I needed a good laugh and as I totally tried to visualize that pie-in-the-sci-fi-sky I got one! What was the name of that script-Chairman of Dune? Aeon and Trevor being lovey dovey for more than 5 minutes would be a new ep for the Twilight Zone. As for her being a quasimessiah one has to wonder what they would render her theosophical point of view to espouse as Aeon always thrived on the 'personal motive is everything' philosophy. More than likely this 'quasimessiah' would find 'thanks for a good time' written to her on the underside of the lock to her chastity belt, Trevor you clever clone you.

-- Barb e. (, March 26, 2003.

R.Howard; I wish that L.A. did not consist of choices made in the arts based on nepotism, filthy lucre and bikini's. The voice of Aeon Flux herself once told us on this very forum "Swimsuit modeling will get you everywhere in the acting business. It counts for a lot, almost everything" (see 'Questions to Denise Poirier, the voice of Aeon Flux)". Denise is a true voice actor. She delivered a depth and a 'flux' to her intonations of her character as Aeon that fascinated us. To see it ending in a crashing bore with the mindless black holes of the Hollywood beach bimbo's, willingly dying hair brunette to look smart for the part is more than frustrating, its torture. Doing endless acrobatic twists in imitation of sexual gyrations instead of delivering to our psyche the profoundity of characters Peter Chung created and Poirier and Lee seemed to once literally embody the souls of. We are robbed. I wish you had a hand in it. Your grasp of what made it REALLY tick smacks of insight of a fluxfile. Instead we have MTV's chosen writers penning crayola scripts blurring the very image of Berognica, a once free people.

-- Barb e. (, March 28, 2003.

Watching an old 007 movie last night, namely Diamonds are Forever, I was surprised to see a lot of Aeon Flux like action scenes. Even the Matrix seems to have borrowed from the James Bond stuff. Kinda fun, nice to escape but in Flux we have the added pleasure of a brain and a heart in the scripts (please no Wizard of Oz jokes). Anyway, if the live action movie is made by those who come here and read then I am hopeful. Just wish it was (alphabetically listed): Asher, Chung, Canete, Gaffney, Lee, Mars, Poirier....

-- Barb e. (, April 02, 2003.

Here is the full article from

'Girlfight' director in 'Flux' Kursama to helm, help develop script on superheroine By DAVE MCNARY

"Girlfight" writer-director Karyn Kusama is the leading candidate to helm Paramount and MTV Films' "Aeon Flux," the live-action feature version of MTV's futuristic cable series. Kusama is in final negotiations to develop the last part of the script with the intent to direct "Aeon Flux." Pic is based on the animated skein created by Peter Chung, which centers on an acrobatic superheroine who is the top agent in an underground organization.

Project will be produced by MTV Films and Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla shingle. MTV Films prexy David Gale and Hurd will produce; MTV VP Michael Cole and Valhalla prexy of production Barbara Boyle will shepherd the project.

Kusama received critical acclaim for her work on "Girlfight," a coming-of-age drama toplined by Michelle Rodriguez and set in Brooklyn. "Girlfight" grossed $1.6 million domestically for IFC.

-- Leslie Daenjuersli (, March 18, 2003.

I guess if there is anything to be optimistic about in regards to this movie thing, its that it should increase the chances of AF eps recieving a better dvd service.

Or, it could destroy such chances, forever.

-- Sam (, March 18, 2003.

I nearly fell off of my chair when I read this on

-- Michael (, March 19, 2003.

After "Aliens Lite" AKA "Virus" I'm sceptical of anything produced by Gale Anne Hurd.

-- Inu (, March 19, 2003.

A real life action movie? I'm hoping its not true. An Aeon Flux movie should stick to animation. All I need to see now is a cheesy, low- budget real life movie with terrible acting to destroy the greatness of Aeon Flux.

-- Ron (, March 20, 2003.

You know, with all the new Marvel superhero movies coming out, I would love to see what they do with Aeon Flux. Just for fun, I mean who cares if it totally blows! I'm a huge Aeon fan, have been for over 6 years--Ya never know, they could nail the style....or not. Either way, I'm still sleeping at night.

-- Doug Kerr (, March 20, 2003.

Yeah, its Peter's baby without him it just won't taste the same

-- Mark (, March 21, 2003.

At least they're still developing the script. Or should I say, "re- developing." The one I read that had Johnathon "Armageddon"-and-"Die Hard 3" Hensleigh (who also happens to be Mr. Anne Hurd, by the way,) attached was one of the most horrible mistreatments of Aeon Flux that anyone could IMAGINE. Get this: It starts in present day America. Aeon's an astronaut, her husband (yes, I said HUSBAND) Trevor is a genetecist, and they're both completely lovey-dovey with each other. She blasts off on a mission, like, testing the theory of relativity in space or some bullshit like that, something goes wrong, and she ends up back on Earth about one or two hundred years later. (Think Heston's Planet of the Apes, without the apes, or even the inventiveness of the storyline.) Trevor has cloned both himself and his since-disappeared Aeon into perpetuity so that they would both survive for centuries on end, and the now nth-generation Aeon is some kind of monarch, and the original Aeon, who has now returned, is some quasi-messiah. There's a lot of BS about social unrest and a rebellion, but no mention on ANY page of either Monica or Bregna. The only conclusion one can make about the writers' exposure to the original series, the shorts, or the characters at all is that they might have read the back of the boxes on the AF videos. That's about it. The whole script was just sheer garbage, with a capital CRAP. Let's hope this director is a true fan, and she and Ms. Hurd can hammer out a better blueprint before they start building. (Come on, Gale! Just give it to Jim! Remember Jim, your ex-husband, Mr. Cameron? The GOOD writer? You know he's been dying to make a live action anime film! At least he could write the damn thing without it being a disgrace!)

-- R Howard (, March 26, 2003.

Jeezus. Why does it seem like MTV and everyone else who doesn't seem to "get" the show love the plot aspects of "End Sinister" so much, when it was one of the most unimportant episodes, if not the worst?

My other fear about this project is that it will somehow turn into a "women's lib" platform and focus way too much on the supposed "gender war" aspect, which MTV seems to put on the forefront of its synopses. That never seemed very important to me. Sure, Aeon and Trevor are lovers/haters, but their gender seems to me to have little to do with it.

Hopefully the writers and the director are researching this thing and coming to sites like this.

-- Mat Rebholz (, March 26, 2003.

C'mon, End Sinister was great. Yes, the plot didn't make much sense, but it had the most intensely surreal visuals in television history. Mobius would have been proud.

That story however... AAAAAARRRRGGGHHH! HOW could that be Aeon Flux? I do hope that anyone writing the script has a good long talk with Peter Chung (or at least a marathon viewing of Flux episodes) before setting it in stone. PLEASE, let's not have a re-run of "The Time Machine" where the writer considers himself above the original material.

-- Inu (, March 26, 2003.

Yeah, J Cameron would probably even go so far as to talk to PC about it. Although, good point Inu, I was wondering that too, surely any script writer would equate some value, into consulting the creator of what they mean to create, or recreate, or even emulate. One Imagines, that at the very least, they'll actually watch AF, and who would'nt want to talk Peter after doing that? Well, Hopefully not anyone in the buisness of script writing; i think. Or at least, about the worst person you could appoint to such a project? Or is it appropriate that the AFLiveAction(*A*live*F*action) ought to be like an antithesis. Aeon flux could become Xulf Neon, or Flux Aeon!

Actually, Peter, have you been contacted yet? Or, do you expect to be? By writers and such I mean. What are your thoughts, any or either way? Well, come what may, what would you, did or do or will or even if you could, say? Sorry, I mean, is this a colosal stretch on your humility or are you actually quite interested? - I know this has probably been divulged in other threads, but arn't most of these posts just snapshots of something mercurial?

Baring such things in mind Peter, I imagine you probably just want to wait and see. But heck, "My baby!!" 0_o

-- Sam (, March 26, 2003.

You guys are kidding about James Cameron right? Titanic, anyone?

-- John McDevitt (, March 26, 2003.

I don't want to make it sound like I hate "End Sinister". I don't -- I just find it the least-watchable episode. I actually like a lot of the aspects: the alien's physiology, the twisted threesome aspect (the image of Trevor's, Aeon's and the alien's faces converging into an ambiguous being still frightens me somehow). I suppose the big reason I don't like it as much could be because MTV seems to love it.

-- Mat Rebholz (, March 27, 2003.

Ah, reverse psychology.

I can sort of see your point, though -- AF was about more than time travel, aliens and cloning. It'd be a shame to see it become just another gimmicky, gee-whiz summer sci-fi flick.

-- Inu (, March 27, 2003.

Actually, Barb, I read the script a few years ago. I shouldn't say much about it; someone could get in trouble. Let's just say I have an acquaintence who, at the time, had access to the script and who knew that I had always wanted to write and direct a live-action AF film. He respected my desire to stake a claim to the project, so when he discovered it was already in development, he snuck me a copy of the screenplay so I could at least see what form it had taken. And, God... what a joke! After I told him how horrible it was, he mentioned the word around the project was that the writers had missed the mark by a country mile and everyone knew it but them, apparently. (I mean, these guys actually wrote a scene in the third act where Aeon jumps into a 1990's Corvette, pulls out some CDs and plays an Everlast disc. Of course, don't forget the car and the CDs had all been perfectly preserved for roughly two hundred years or something. Don't get me wrong, I like Everlast, but hell... if ever something screamed of "trying too hard to be cool," right? Now I know the truest definition of the term "tragically hip.") Personally, I think the worst mistake, the error at the whole core of the thing, was that they tried to write it as a science fiction film, completely disregarding (or naively unaware of) the fact that Aeon Flux is a *fantasy.* They tried so hard to legitimize the scientific aspects of the show that they never seemed to realize that they didn't have to. It's like Blade Runner, you don't explain it, you just show it. "Here's Bregna, BAM. Deal with it." And you take it from there. Don't turn Aeon into an astronaut for God's sakes, don't turn Trevor into some sheepish techno-geek. Personally, I intended to write the film somewhat in the same vein as Amadeus, at least where Trevor and Aeon were concerned. It'd be a love/hate relationship that we would hear from the perspective of the antagonist (Trevor, in this case.) I thought that would make Aeon even more intangible and unpredictable, and we could see how maddening it is for Trevor to feel the way he does for her, knowing that she feels the same way, yet everything she does defies everything he stands for. Every act she commits is in direct opposition to him. And whenever he concocts some way to finally get a hold of her, it invariably ends with her having the upper hand. Of course, there'd be more than just that aspect of the story in the film, there's a war between the two nations, there's commentary on the BS of politics and politicians, there's subtext about ethics and psychology, the individual against society, society against an individual, etc, etc. I figured any AF film without real substance to it would be a waste of time. Of course, I'm not a Paramount exec. I'm sure as long as there's a hot chick running around in little to no clothing, surrounded by explosions and special effects, shooting at bad guys and proving that "women have power too," the film will get made with or without me. I just thought it should be done well.

-- R Howard (, March 27, 2003.

John McD-- Don't let Titanic fool you. For one thing, we ARE talking about the guy who wrote Aliens, the Terminator films, and The Abyss. (Not to mention a far superior Spiderman treatment than what David Koepp ended up turning in.) That track record alone makes him fully worthy in my book. Besides, if you ever got the chance to read Jim's AVATAR script, I believe your opinion would change drastically. He put a tremendous amount of effort and detail painting the picture of a world that sounds like it practically is Monica or Bregna. Trust me, the guy is MUCH more than just "RMS Titanic 90210"

--R Howard

-- R Howard (, March 27, 2003.

Dear god, that script sounds TERRIBLE. It's as if they decided, "let's take this show and its characters and write them EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what made them effective and compelling in the first place."

R. Howard, your idea actually really intrigues me. To write the movie from the perspective of Trevor could really bring so much additional depth and nuance to a show already rich in both. If this could shine more light on Trevor as well, it would serve the spirit of the show perfectly (I'm as fascinated by Trevor as I am by Aeon, if not more so). There's also a lot of truth and insight about AF being fantasy instead of science fiction, and I think the comparison to Blade Runner is very apt. I personally haven't written anything in ages (my creative endeavours have shifted entirely to music since), but I've always wanted to do some kind of treatment of AF.

Also, concerning James Cameron, if my information is correct he took the absolutely fantastic manga GUNNM (aka Battle Angel Alita) and turned it into the less-than-stellar show Dark Angel. Therefore I could NEVER trust him with something like Aeon Flux.

-- Brian Davis (, March 28, 2003.

Re: Everlast, uck. I hate carefully tailored pop soundtracks more than almost anything else in this world. "Music from and inspired by the film..." etc. So Anti-Aeon. Though David Lynch does a good job with this sort of thing, I have to admit (see: "Lost Highway"). Maybe if they got Drew Neumann to do some sort of duet with a pop group as a secretly ironic compromise... but of course, there's zero chance of that.

I imagine (half-sobbing) that they'll pair the Aeon Flux Girl Power Film with a hot soundtrack by screaming girl bands like Avril Levigne and Kitty and that Osbourne girl. Girl Power!!!

-- Mat Rebholz (, March 28, 2003.

Hey, everyone. I can tell you that the script synopsized above was abandoned long ago... it has had nothing to do with the project for years. I know because I am half of the writing team responsible for the new script.

I just wanted to fire off a quick note to the group to let you know that the people working on the film are, first of all, fans; we got involved in this project because we were inspired by the episodes and believed a film that was true to their values was possible. We’ve been working on it for a couple years now, and have always approached the material with respect and a desire to do right by the characters and ideas that drew us in in the first place.

Anyway, been hanging out and reading this board for some time and wanted to say howdy and that we are, in fact, paying attention. See you.

-- phil (, March 28, 2003.

Well, if you're fans of the work and stay true to the series, I see no reason why this can't be a hit.

I salute you, brave writers. I know I couldn't accomplish the task you've chosen- and to rear your head in this dungeon of rabid fans takes guts.

... any chance we'll get to see some teaser stuff?



-- skye (, March 29, 2003.

instead of that gay band Everlast, how about Aeon puts on some Japanoise by Zeni Geva or perhaps Merzbow? That'll definitely send the kiddies running for the exits..Of course the suits at MTV probably would want POD, Linkin Park, Incubus or some other stupid nu-metal crap band.

-- Leslie Daenjuersli (, March 31, 2003.

Thanks for letting us know, Phil. It's definitely a weight off our shoulders. I just hope MTV isn't putting too much pressure on yours...

-- Mat Rebholz (, March 31, 2003.

I'm glad we got someone on the inside of hollywood on here, so we can find out what kind of horrible stuff comes from "hollywood laptops". That script sounds really insane and in some other movie, I might start laughing myself to death, with that everclear scene. R Howard whats your connection to hollywood? (I'm avoiding that obvious assumtion that you Opie).

-- Mark (, April 05, 2003.

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-- Your Full Name (, April 15, 2003.

Sorry, Mark. Wrong Mr. Howard. ;-) (Although it'd be mighty interesting to see want kind of take Opie would have on Aeon Flux.)

As for my "connection to Hollywood," well, I'd have to say it's peripheral at best. But then, nobody *starts* at the top.... I'm one of those people who are always around so the important people have someone to toss around like styrofoam cups. We grease the wheels of the machine with our blood, sweat and tears, stomped out of us like wine from grapes. Our ideas and best efforts are snatched from us and bandied about by those higher up, who adopt them as their own. Within the industry, we're known as "peons," but according to our union, we're called "writers."

I'm just fortunate enough to know a person or two who knows a person or two. Hopefully someday my smattering of contacts may possibly prove beneficial to my career. As soon as it happens, you can be sure I'll come back here to shout it from the mountaintops of this newsgroup.

-- Robert Howard (, April 24, 2003.

PS to Brian Davis:

Jim Cameron didn't turn Battle Angel Alita into Dark Angel. They're separate projects, just with similar aspects. He still has BAA on his roster, possibly set to go following his next project. Don't worry; I don't think you'll be disappointed. ;-)

-- Robert Howard (, April 24, 2003.

Geez, that's one thing I hate about hollywood. They take something intriguing and turn it into down right crap! Hey lets take a video game and make it into a live action movie only to kill the name of the origin of where it came from. Hey lets take this comic book and make some crappy live actors play our generic hollywood version of it. Hey lets take this original animation and turn it into some crappy ass hollywood movie. My point is, hollywood stay away! Do your own thing and leave the animation to the animators, and video games to the game-designers. Hollywood, just make movies and stop leap frogging on everyone else's ideas turning them into crap!

-- Toan (, April 26, 2003.

Hollywood, stop making crap!!!

-- Toan (, April 26, 2003.

Give 'em hell, Toan.

-- Dr. Razzmatazz (, June 18, 2003.

Great forum! Thanx to all for the info... I really do hope that the powers that be don't fumble our beloved Flux. James Cameron could do some goodness, BTW the take I heard on the GUNNM/Dark Angel thing was that he wanted very badly to make a live action Alita film but the author of the manga refused to sell so Cameron reworked the concept into Dark Angel. Personally, I don't know how I feel about a live action Alita film, though to see Motorball fully realized in any way, shape or form would be awesome! There was a 3D CG mini short of Gally on the Motorball circuit that was floating around online some time back, maybe that'd be the way to go? Getting back to the original topic, after digging the 'Matriculated' segment of the Animatrix, here's hoping Peter Chung returns to form, and soon. Thanx for listening!

-- Brian Sullivan (, August 11, 2003.

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