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Dear Sirs; I am exclusively outside in 1:20.3 mainly Accucraft brass with Phoenix sound systems. First of all is there a system which lends itself to outside use more than another? Second, can I continue to use the Phoenix sound systems? And thirdly, are there any Dcc users in Orange County California who are outside or who wouldmind sharing their experience with me. Thank you; Harald Becker

-- Harald Becker (, March 17, 2003



Using your Accucraft and Phoenix sound systems with DCC outside is fine. All DCC systems that claim that they are capable of use with G scale trains - usually by virtue of having a booster output voltage of about 18V and booster output currents of at least 5, and up to 8, amps will work.

Regarding your question about one system being better than another, unless you have a very small garden RR, I would think you would like a system that supports wireless remote control. Make sure it supports RADIO remote control, not infra-red. Infra-red remotes won't work well, if at all, outside. I use Digitrax, but by all means, look at the other systems on the market.

Your Pheonix systems should work well, too. I only haven't tried one yet because I don't have the money - for a sound system or another locomotive to put one in. If you want to power the Pheonix from the track and are not currently doing so, I have a circuit in my web page that provides 12V. Just look at any of my G-scale write-ups using Soundtraxx Sierra's.

Also note the three components I show connecting the motor to the Sierra. This is a filter circuit. You may or may not need this. Contact Pheonix if no one else jumps on with an answer. You can try the Pheonix without this filter. It won't hurt anything to leave it off. The filter just keeps the Sierra from doing things like erratic chuffing and triggering the bell and whistle sounds when it shouldn't. If you have similar problems, you can then add the filter.

-- Allan Gartner (, March 18, 2003.

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