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hey, my favourite poem by Poe is "A Dream within A Dream" does anyone know what was happening in his life when he wrote it?

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2003


His frantic, semi productive last period after the death of his wife Virginia. In 1849 he dealt a lot with trying to get back his life, advance a new literary magazine, court some women. The poem may been addressedto interest two such women Annie Richmond and/or Elmira Royster, but the theme is very much one of loss and transitoriness of everything.

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2003

I must agree with what has been posted. Yet, (if my sources are correct) "A Dream within a Dream" was published in 1827. This is before he married his wife, and before she died (her death in 1847). This poem was published in his first book. At that time in his life I fear I too am unsure what has happened. This poem could have been written in his early teenage years or possibly in 1827. I have had this same problem with many of his poems that were published in 1827. Hopefully you can find some more information, for I fear I haven't yet and I am still searching.

-- Anonymous, March 20, 2003

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