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I have a small N Scale coffee table with the MRC Command 2000. I'm only running 2 trains and using the handheld exclusively. On the handheld is an accessory button. I was told that that is accessable through function 4. I have just recently got a Kato E8 and want to get the DN163KO plug n' play decoder. Questions: 1) Is the accessory button on the handheld "function 4"? Can I program it through the MRC 2000? 2) Could I hook into the lights in the passanger cars from the decoder and control them through function 4 and the handheld accessory button?

-- Michael Moon (, March 17, 2003


I found out that the Accessory button on the handheld controls F1. I guess it will just be trial and error.

-- Michael Moon (, March 18, 2003.

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