I put my foot in my mouth!

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As Church School Superintendent of my local AMEC I decided that since March is Women's History Month that we will honor women by having distinguished women to speak to our Church School on specific topics like Women in the AMEC, Women in Communications, Women in Business and Women in Politics. On yesterday one of our speakers, First Lady of my church, provided an informative overview about Women in the AMEC. Well, as is customary, the Superintendent makes the usual perfunctory remarks which consists of thanking the speaker and those in attendance for sharing in this important occassion. However, since the speaker spoke about Women in the AMEC, I just couldn't contain myself for going beyond the normal comment period. Like a 6 year old kid thrilled about the prospect of receiving candy from his Daddy, I added additional comment about how far back Bishop McKenzie and I go (Late 70s) when she was a popular Gospel DJ in Washington, DC. While I was happily Baptist everybody listened to Vashti and her voice and physical appearance (you know I'm brutally honest) kept the ratings soaring thru the roof. I should have stopped right there but I had to get my 2 cents in about Gen Con 2004 and the urgency to elect another smart and attractive woman on the bench, Sarah Davis. Suddenly, after two-three minutes of my fawning over Dr. Davis' candidacy and providing my unsolicited endorsement, I spotted the sweet and charming mother-in-law of Dr. George Champion in the audience smiling as she always does when I speak (I wonder why?). I immediately remembered that her son-in-law is a candidate for the Bench. To make matters worse Champion's mother-in-law looks just like my beloved late maternal grandmother! I have told my own children that this grand damme' is the person who looks, prays and acts like their great-grandmother they nver saw. I began to feel perspiration coming down my eyebrow. What if she interrupted me and asked about my endorsement of Dr. Champion? What if she asked me to tell the audience about my meeting with the Director of Christian Ed at Big Bethel in Atlanta last year who happens to be her own granddaughter? Oh woe is me I thought. A fine mess I have gotten myself in only because of my inability to shut my mouth, exercise self control and not ramble about McKenzie and Davis. Then, just like my late grand mother (who I affectionately called MaMa) Champion's mother-in-law smiled and spared me the embarrassement, neither did she reprimand me afterward for neglecting to mention him by name. Whew!!! Close call. I have learned my lesson. In the future I will say what I have to say and sit down :-) QED

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2003


Bill thank you so much for celebration Women's History Month and putting on such a wonderful, informative program. I know everyone was greatly impressed. I doubt if you put your foot in your mouth;-) Your program was on the contributions of women in the AMEC church so it made sense that you would lift up a female candidate as an example of the changes that are happening in the AMEC. In no way did you slight Dr. Champion for there will be several slots for Bishops. I hope you will focus on the wonderful program you provided and the wonderful role models that were cited. You did a great job as a christian education superintendent and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2003

Ditto, Reverend Denise.

No harm spotted here.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2003

Brother Bill...you learned a valuable lesson indeed! It is best to adopt the philosophy of James Brown when presenting the closing comments: "Just Hit it and quit it!" More importantly, give thanks and give the benediction!

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2003

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