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I have yet again another question about Reign. Does anyone know what Alexander's little symbol means? It is the triangle-type thing on his chest and on the back of his yellow/golden armor. If no one knows for sure, it'll at least be a fun theory to debate. ;)

I at first thought it was just a neat way to write an A (A for Alexander..). Then, my dad showed me his book of symbolisms, and he said the triangle was said to represent a God around 300 B.C, in Greece. Could that be the symbolism?

Anyway, I just wanted to bring up an interesting point. ^^ (Will a separate forum be made for Reign, or is it okay to post these types of questions here?)

-- Topaz (, March 15, 2003


Hmm... in case people don't know what I was talking about, I have an example in a picture I drew of him ^^

It's the pink triangle thing on his chest. ^^ I saw it represented a lot in the show, hence my earlier question.

-- Topaz (, March 15, 2003.

my money's on "a for alexander"...

-- yakov grinberg (, March 16, 2003.

Mayhaps it could be indeed the sign of his name...a Twisted looking 'A' that could not only stand for Alexander but however....also stand for Apocalypse?

-- Rick Allen Ferguson (, March 16, 2003.

Ach....doesn't that eye design on Alexander's shoulder just give you the heebie-jeebies?! It's, like, always WATCHING...*shudder* the Eye of Sauron...>.<

-- Kaitlyn (, March 18, 2003.

Symbolically I think it's the same creepy eye that's on the American $1 bill, and it's a masonic symbol. Did your dad say which deity it was this symbol is for, Topaz?

-- Alex (, April 03, 2003.

My dad had a Dictionary of Symbols and it said it SOMEWHERE, and I can't seem to find it! O_O However, here's the definition for the symbol of a triangle (it doesn't have Alexander's exact symbol in the dictionary, btw.. I tried xD):

"The single-axis symmetric traingle can hardly be said to have any meaning in itself; rather, it is a variation of the multi-axis symmetric or equilateral triangle. Pointed upward, it is associated with fire and divine power. It was used in both the Egyptian and the Hittite hieroglyphic systems. In the latter system, the triangle represented mu, city. The ideogram (picture of two triangles) stood for country or kingdom."

Oh, I just found the mention of a Greek guy. My dad told it to me wrong though, it wasn't of a god or anything. So, in another section of the dictionary, for the equilateral triangle:

"Xenocrates, who died in 324 B.C, stated that (the equilateral triangle) was a symbol for God... It is also a symbol for power and, as such, related to danger. But according to the law of the polarity of meanings of the elementary graphs, it also means success, prosperity, and safety. The Hittites used it to mean well, good, or healthy."

I dunno, I just think the whole symbolism is interesting ^^ Then again maybe they character designed them and only threw the first things that came to their head, with no representations or deep meanings at all xD;;

-- Topaz (, April 03, 2003.

well you guys have put up some resonale answers but one thing you all neglected is to look it up as in the greek alphabet and maybe well the simple answer of a for alexander would become completely correct and that would have been simple but no ou had to figure a symbolic meaning beyond the simple force of jsut standing for alexander now didint you well what ive said may make me sound stupid but what whould such thinkers as the actual plato think of somthing like this? you should ask yer sleves all this question becuse you are applying the methid of deep thougths and complacation way befoer you exlpoit the simple things that this could mean and if you truely want to knwo jsut ask the animators yourself

-- Zachery Howdeshell (, April 07, 2003.

Well, the "A" on Alexander's chest is indeed the symbol for "A" in the Greek alphabet. Not the Roman or Latin alphabet, but the GREEK one. Another thing. Alexander required of his subjects (the real Alexander, not the crazy Reign-let's be as historically incorrect as possible-Alexander) required that his subjects worship him as a God. So, the symbol your father saw may have been the "A" for Alexander, since he was worshipped as a God by many.


-- Matthew Collier (, April 08, 2003.

Oh, that's totally my bad, then o_o So far I haven't learned of anything Greek yet, apparently that's next year in our school system.. so, yeah, I didn't know about it being the basic A for the Greek alphabet. ^^; Thanks for pointing that out; sorry for not knowing. Haha, boy, I did make such a big deal out of nothing, didn't I? ^^;;;

-- Topaz (, April 08, 2003.

Hey, you wondered about something, came up with a theory and researched it instead of dead-assing and waiting for an answer to float in! IMO, you don't have anything to apologize for. :)

-- Byrony (, April 08, 2003.

the symbol of the order of the golden dawn was A-three-dots-in-a- downward-pointing-triangle-A.

-- alex walsh (doesn't work,, May 02, 2003.

i really have no clue but could it be a link to pythogaros?

i mean he is famous for the famous triangle rule isn't he not?

maybe the sign is symbol to solidify the pythogarian cult's claim that alexander will indeed bring forth the end of the world should something not intervene

-- Miklo Kunishiro (, December 02, 2003.

realize also, that it may be a Delta letter rather than a triangle at all.

-- Travis (, December 05, 2003.

It's actually the early Phoenician 'a' was adopted into the earliest form of the written Greek language, before it changed to the modern alpha.

-- Steamboat (, December 30, 2003.

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