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Dear All,

I have a Sony TRV 740 Digital Camcorder. I have transfered my Video to PC through iLink in .mpg format with the help of PixelaImage software supplied along with the camcorder. I tried to Burn a VCD of the same file with number of softwares, but could not. Burner software comes up saying that file is not in proper format. I tried to use Tmpgnec 2.510.49.157, but that also says that file needs Autopadding. If go ahead with this it says that this is not valid NTSC format etc.

Please let me know some way to create VCD. I am thinking of buying some Video editing software assuming that Sony software converts my video to some incompatible format, recognised by none.

-- Shirish Sudhir Paranjape (, March 13, 2003


May be u found an answer already ..but still.. i am assuming that the format that was first converted to was a raw format by any of your video capturing softwares..the raw file spanning across your hard use Tmpgenc utility..give a google search and u will find more details..on this..this utility converts any raw video format to vcd formats..and is fast..more help on


-- vijayan (, April 18, 2003.

You should know the answer by now, i have a TRV16 Sony. Pixela is no good for SVCD or VCD. Personally i did not know how to use it because is so crab ?. Try downloading in AVI format. USE the Easy Cd and DVD Creator 6. Super good and realyyyyy easyyyyyyyyy. It burns SVCD VCD DVD.

-- george mike (, October 18, 2003.

Me too encounter problems with my sony tvr22E. using the supplied pixela software tried to create vcds. when playback the vcd its suck. its like watching a slowmotion film.

-- Charles (, December 06, 2003.

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