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Hi Everyone:

Please accept my sincerest apologies in not posting an update sooner with regards to Catherine Frazee's public lecture.

I composed a brief summary of the event which Dr. Israelite will submit to the Communications Department along with possibly one or more photographs for potential publication. I will update everyone on the Stats Forum regarding this matter accordingly.

Please find enclosed the submitted composition:

"ACCESS YORK: York University's Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities presented "DEADLY SERIOUS: Disability, Disadvantage, and Unnatural Death," February 27 in the Faculty Club. This free public lecture on disability and euthanasia featured distinguished guest speaker Catherine Frazee, disability activist, author, researcher, and lecturer. A former chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Frazee is now co-director of the Institute for Disability Studies Research & Education at Ryerson University.

Frazee's powerful lecture provided meaningful insights and a unique perspective that generated passionate dialogue and discussion amongst all who attended. With a sensitive brush stroke, Frazee painted a vivid landscape against the backdrop of the disability rights movement to frame a debate that is of both critical and significant importance.

Following her talk, Frazee presented "Euthanasia Blues" a documentary by York Alumnus and Disability activist Norman Kunc, that highlighted the debate and further refined the notion of "precarious citizenship" for persons with disabilities. This was followed by a question and answer period. A reception concluded the event."

Best wishes for the remainder of term!

Michael Miceli

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2003

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