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Can't we on the discussion board starts a fund to help plant churhes?

Why not, please explain to me?


-- Anonymous, March 12, 2003


On my way to work last week I dropped someone of at a nearby trainstation and something on the notice board there caught my eyes.

It was some of our very poor and also very old churches reaching out to the community for help. I feel so assame when I see notices like that because when you ask connectional churches you either don't get responds or you get alot of emty promises.

Why is it so hard to give to the poor. I believe the more give, the more you receive.

Only if I could help them. The Lord knows my hart.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2003

Jerome you are helping the poor by remembering them and lifting them up. Scripture is very clear that we are to take care of the poor. If we do not want God tells us to do. It will be us not the poor that will suffer the consequences. Our churches in Africa are struggling, our clergy in africa are weary. If every church in America adopted one church it would make a difference. I have two members of my church who lost their homes and they are working so hard on our Aids Benefit, they told me pastor "though we do not have a home we still have so much more than they do." My members are poor yet we feel we have been called to be a missional church. The couple I told you about called me on Saturday to let me know they found work. God will bless us for taking care of the poor. Jerome God will bless you for your concern.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2003

Plant Churches?? When Floyd came through Florida, and hundreds of thousands were told to flee, and there was no rooms at any motels, and the few available diners were overwhelmed, food on the floor, etc. In our cross state ride, we passed, Church after Church, their doors tightly locked. Where were the Keepers of these churches? Plant More Churches? So, they too can lock the doors against some unpleasant situation? We were nicely dressed too, had money in the bank, owned property, had good secure jobs. After many hours of travel, we wound up on the West Coast. Still.., all Church Doors were locked. Only one local Civic Organization opened their doors to us, allowed us to use their bathrooms, brought in blankets, perked coffee, while the Church, directly across the street, stood with doors locked, and silent lights. By The Grace of God, the experience, turned out to be tolerable for us, but I have still looked back, at the darkened Church. God did not forsake us, God sent his Angels in the form of Civic Groups, and average people, while the Church was clothed in darkness.

-- Anonymous, March 18, 2003

trust God, sometimes thins happen with a purpose and it's my believe that it was in your case...

kind regards

-- Anonymous, April 02, 2003

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