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I am dj 7even(a.k.a dk). creator of a incredibly underground electronic band. Well, band is not the right word, since I'm the only one. Anywho, I just finished as song that has many samples from Aeon Flux - Mission Infinite. I figured that i would post the link for the song download. see if anybody on here likes the tune, or hates it for that matter. so here is the link:

if you would like, you can check out some of my other songs at just search for 7inches.

drop me some feedback on the Chronophasia song at

thanks --dj 7even (a.k.a. dk)

-- Dj 7even (, March 12, 2003


Pretty cool song man, love all the Aeon/Trevor dialog you mixed into it. Good job (=

Make some more!

-- Derek (, March 16, 2003.

Wicked stuff DJ7. I'd also love to hear any other stuff you have created.

-- Ron (, March 20, 2003.

thanks for the positive response. if you want to check out some of my other stuff, which includes tributes to such great flicks as Legend and The Dark Crystal, just go to by way of this link. it should take you right to my page.,1391,g0r0l0t0o0i529817,FF.html

again, thanks so much for the response. i hope to maybe do another Aeon Flux tune if i can get some more samples from other episodes. cheers,

--dj 7even

-- dj 7even (, March 20, 2003.

You should make some music from the original Wolfenstein 3d game. That music was good.

-- Autechre Fan (, August 24, 2003.

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