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On your turnout page, under 2-7 Atlas you state :

Option 1: The jumpers that I show for option one are present in some way. I can detect them, but I can't see them. Wherever they are, they may be just touching the rail. This might be cause poor electrical contact years down the road. Also, they may get hot under a short situation. Since I can't see them and tell for sure, I suggest you add the option 1 bonds.

Option 2: Solder bonds across the point to closure rail hinge. This will give you reliable electrical contact to the points for years to come.

To me an option is one of two or more. Does your statement mean to add the bonds as in option 1, (i.e. stock rail to point rail) OR the two point rail bonds. OR are you suggesting that both options be options be implemented.

-- Ross Gillies (, March 11, 2003


There are 2 different problems and 2 different options. The other half of each option is to do nothing and live with whatever Atlas gives you.

Getting power to the closure rails is flakey, particularly if you put insulated rail joiners at the end of the switch. Adding the Option 1 bonding wire fixes this.

Getting power through the hinge from closure rails to the point rails is also flakey. So is using the rail points for electrical continuity. Option 2 fixes that.

-- Don Vollrath (, March 11, 2003.

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