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i would like to know the price for the cannon v3 in singapore

-- denise ong (, March 10, 2003


Just came back from the first day of IT Show 2003 in Suntec City. They sell a package costing S$799 at the big Canon booth, consisting of the full Ixus set, 128 CF memory card, dry box, mini tripod, camera pouch and an external CF Card reader (the original IXUS pack doesn't have that, or so they say). Without the loose gift set, ie: the full IXUS V3 set alone, costs S$699 (with the original 64MB insteaded of the 128MB card).

I did hear that Sim Lim Sq sells at a lower price at $6XX, but even as a local I don't really trust Sim Lim dealers much, with hidden costs, sudden add-ons (and subsiquently adding to your total costs as well), and poor after-sales service. I wonder if i'm the only one who feels so.

Anyway, FYI the IT Show lasts from 13 to 16 March at Suntec Convention Center. Heard they only have 100 V3 on promotional sale at the show and when I was there this afternoon (Thursday 13 Mar) 10 sets have already been taken.

-- Reeve (, March 13, 2003.

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