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My wife and I have developed a CD-ROM that contains free ministerial tools for pastors and ministers. We have spent hours searching the Internet for these tools.

The disk includes a myriad of Study Bibles, Maps, Sermons, hymns, and links. We have included incorporation material for 17 different states. We have accounting software. We have some hidden goodies that Rev. Rogers needed and could still use (hint hint wink wink).

It is in raw format (by that I mean there are no fancy menus. You have to know how to access a CD-ROM, and uncompress files). I would like to make it menu-driven, but that takes time and resources which we don't have right now.

If you would like copy, let me know. All you would pay for is the shipping and handling (about $6.00). It only runs under Windows.

Snail Mail:

Rev. John Harper
19629 Norwich St.
Riverside, CA 92508

By the way, this is not an ad, and please do not take it as such. My wish is that the A.M.E. church make better use of the tools available. Other denominations have, and it seems we are playing catch-up. I hope this disk starts to level the playing field.

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2003


Rev. Harper God bless you for your efforts. This is truly what connectionalism is all about. I am intrigued what it is that you have that I still need;-) I have windows xp is there a compatibility issue with xp? As you know I am always looking for internet tools. God bless you and it especially warms my heart that this is from my brother in the fabulous fifth district. May there be blessing upon blessing poured out to you and your wife for your wonderful ministry on marriage counseling also.

-- Anonymous, March 08, 2003

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