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I borrowed a VCD from a friend, and when I play it back on my DVD player, the sound plays like a scratched CD, and is completely inaudible.

There aren't any scratches on the VCD, and my friend has no problems with the sound on his DVD player.

I was worried that there was a problem with my DVD player, but I checked both DVDs and VCDs, and play completely fine.

Both my friend and my DVD player are region 4 with the multizone feature (I don't think that would matter, both have NTSC capabilities).

Any suggestions to why this is, and any thoughts on getting around it?

Thanks heaps!

-- Wigger (, March 07, 2003


im having the same problem with my scarface vcd

Its like a really high CHIRP sound, then the video lags..... then it just stops, it sounds like just a reaaly really high pitched screech, anyone know whats up, do i have to re-encode the dat, to mpeg1, then back to dat again in higher quality ?

-- chris madson (, March 07, 2003.

First of all Chris, you won't be able to get higher bit rates becuse then it's not a vcd and it won't play. What i've noticed is that these "sratchy sounds" can happen with different colored CD's. try using original grays and see if it works. Usually music cd players have this problem too i ran into it a while back. Or it could also be that your lens is scratched also probable.

-- Daniel (, March 08, 2003.

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