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Anyone know the origin of the name Mile Rock? Exactly what is it a mile from? (Not the Golden Gate -- that's 2 miles away.)

-- Randy Lee (, March 06, 2003


Are you the guy who asked the same question at the WNP website? I'm Sean M. Hall; the guy who wrote the Ingleside Jockey House report. I think it may be a mismeasurement...I'm not sure.....

-- SFHE editor (, March 07, 2003.

Mile Rock is one mile south of the main shipping channel.

-- Rich Harned (, March 09, 2003.

Gudde's California Place Names says it's a mile from the main shipping channel but, it ain't so. Check a navigation chart. It's not a mile away from any recognized land mark. Just another 19th century exaggeration I guess.

-- D. A. Martinich (, March 12, 2003.

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