Ahhh....Now what does not work in the church?

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Ahhhhh...my dear friend Bill(QED) added a different spin to the previous question. I have been working with a certain commission within the church, and this was a question presented to the group. Now I wish to share it with you. Please list a few things which are not or did not work within your church. Better yet, please list a few things which hinder church growth, be it physical or spirtual. Yes, Parson Ray has got his thinking cap today! I look forward reading your honest and frank responses, emphasizing the word "honest."

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2003


Senior members that are selfish with their knowledge of the church structure is a very big hinder. Some feel if they teach you waht they know you may take over. My church the average age is 65, the young people once they finishr high school leave and only visity but attend churches that are growing. The leader caters to the seniors. I love seniors but what about the church of tomorrow.

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2003

Q. What doesn't work?

A. Based on my experience the following programs are in need of much improvemnt:

1. Class Leader Council - Good in theory, flawed in execution.

2. Lay Organization - Ineffective promotion leads to Congregational indifference/complacency.

3. Collegiate Ministry - Due to the core emphasis and visibility of choral music this activity is more minstrel than ministry.

4. Sons of Allen - Weak committment by men to mentor young boys renders this organization ineffective & impotent (no pun intended).

5. New Member Training - Probationary period much too long plus it should be held every week during the year.

Let's not overloook Sister Linda's concerns. Clinging to norms and traditions which favor one group at the expense of our future is self-defeating. Linda is right. Well, at least I'm an honest iconoclast :-) QED

-- Anonymous, March 07, 2003

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