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I have osteoarthritis of the left hip and was considering the resurfacing procedure (metal on metal or Birmingham hip). I reside in Sydney Australia and would like to hear from anyone in Sydney/Australia who has had this procedure.

-- Peter Hinds (, March 05, 2003


There is a yahoo group devoted to hip resurfacing and includes several Aussies. I had a BHR here in England over three years ago. Great outcome.



-- David Vale (, April 19, 2003.

I had a BHR in Melbourne nearly 12 months ago. Fantastic result.

-- Ron George (, May 27, 2003.

I have now had 2 BHRs, the first in Nov 1999and the second in May 2003.Both were done in Sydney and the success has been outstanding.In the first case I achieved 100% mobility in 3 mths and in the second, 80% in 2 mths. Don't hesitate, you will wonder why you left it so long

-- Jon Goodsall (, July 02, 2003.

hi there, i had the procedure done sept 2003 and have had positive results. im 28 years old and very active and has benefited from it

-- john arhontakis (, September 20, 2004.

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