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The next Animatrix short came out today here. You can now download them as zip files now. I think I like the first one better. The animation is beautiful, but the story is a little lacking I think.

-- scottai (, March 04, 2003


Is anyone getting anywhere here; all I can get from this link is "page cannot be displayed".

-- Barb e. (, March 11, 2003.

and a bump into the recent answers...

-- scottai (, March 04, 2003.

I downloaded the 640 zip, and I'm having some audio sync problems. Is anyone else experiencing this?

-- scottai (, March 04, 2003.

nope. no sync problems for me.

yeah, this was the better one of the two in my opinion. yeah, i know it was mainly just action and the voice acting wasn't so good (it seemed like some of the poor acting seen in parts of vampire hunter d bloodlust (minus John Lee that is...). despite its faults, i still enjoyed it better than the second ren., i think perhaps i was just jonzin' for some good action...

-- Joshua Klessig (, March 08, 2003.

Hi I had no problems with The Second Renassaince, but with PROGRAM I can't listen the audio, I downloaded QuickTime 6 but I'm still having the same trouble. Can somebody help me?

-- Nelson Calderon (, March 09, 2003.

Maybe these will help:

Zion Switchboard

ftp:// thematrix/us/med/

-- Peter Chung (, March 09, 2003.

Me to.

-- Sam (, March 11, 2003.

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