What qualities did our great Bishop's have that we can look for today?

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I have been ame for two years and I look forward to this general conference with excitement. What are the qualities that make for a great Bishop. I will say without reservation that I have a GREAT BISHOP. Bishop John Bryant! I have had many Bishops in my life from being a former united methodist, but the qualities that Bishop Bryant has that helps me as a pastor are these: Accessibility, I can contact my Bishop and he listens to my ideas. 2.)Understands my call to ministry, for me it is rural ministry and church planting, 3.)Has a Pastor's heart, last year I almost had my foot amputated and almost died from a blood clot, Bishop Bryant and Rev. Cee were there for me and took care of my daughter.4.) Strong faith in God and is able to articulate that faith through preaching and prayer5.) Has a vision for his district and sees every minister and church as important to that vision.5.)Leadership style of empowerment of churches and clergy 6.) Is fair and shows respect. 7.)Sees evangelism as a priority 8.)Is concerned about churches in Africa. I could go on and on. So often on this board we here complaints about Bishops, I want us to also acknowledge the hard work of our Bishops. So what qualities are you looking for in a Bishop? I thank God for the Bishop I have.

-- Anonymous, March 04, 2003


Bishop Linda Lee... the Bishop of the UMC-Michigan...is a quiet yet dynamic leader. I noticed her leadership skills when she was my dad's pastor @ Conant United Methodist Church Detroit, Michigan... She was selected for District Supervisor=Presiding Elder in our AMEC.. and then she went to the Annual UMC in 2000 and was elected Bishop and send back to Michigan.... Now this was a first in many years... As it is written in Mark 6... a prophet not being able to serve in his/HER own town... this did not apply...yes it has been challening but with God on her side she has been working hard doing what God has assigned her to do. Housed in Lansing... comes to the city to minister and she drives herself... no hoopla her...Never to busy to listen and make you feel as if you are her only concern... Know the word and can deliver with the power of the holy spirit... As a pastor @ Conant she was in charge of my father's home going celebration... people are still talking about how good they felt when they left that service...just the other day someone asked me about her... I told them the story and how she was now a Bishop... truly a Cinderella story... Always supportive of her aspring ministers... especially the Sisters... She's a Diamond... A jewel...a daughter of Zion... What a joy to know her as a friend!

-- Anonymous, March 24, 2003

Thank you for sharing about Bishop Linda Lee of the United Methodist Denomination. She sounds like a blessing. I will keep her and her ministry in prayer.

-- Anonymous, March 24, 2003

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