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has anyone managed to find REIGN episodes in divx or mpg video formats? I've tried at least half a dozen file sharing networks and on IRC with no luck so far. Please pass this info my way if you know of any.

-- Leslie Daenjuersli (, March 02, 2003


I've had no luck either, but I heard from my friend that a couple episodes did appear on SoulSeek the other day... ;__; I can't believe I missed it. You might want to check on there periodically.

-- Telp (, March 14, 2003.

Ive added Reign the Conqueror to the usenet multimedia search engine at and to my wishlist on Soulseek. I will post any info about where to get eps as soon it comes through.

-- Leslie Daenjuersli (, March 17, 2003.

FYI, theres a Reign episode right on the usenet newsgroup alt.binaries.multimedia.cartoons for those who have the bandwidth and a reliable ISP. Unfortunately mine carries incomplete articles!

-- Leslie Daenjuersli (, April 10, 2003.

I've got the first 5 episodes that someone was releasing over usenet, but unlucky for me, I got busy and missed the rest. If anyone wants them you can hop on to overnet/edonkey ( and tag'm for download. I'm on 24/7 so after a little while you should be able to get them all, and keep sharing them for others so they can continue to propagate

-- Jamin (, June 14, 2003.

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