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I would like to know where I can purchase a copy of the SAT's / SAT of the AME Church and also I beleive there is a book written by Augusta Hall (I don't know the title), I would like to know where I can purchase that. If there are any other interesting books available on the History of the A.M.E. please let me know.

Thanks and God Bless you all.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2003


Hi, Selena you might want to try the web page of the A.M.E Christian Education Department please go to.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2003

The University of North Carolina has transcribed to HTML a number of our histories as part of the DOcumentation of the South project. You may find links to them on my History Page on the Reedy Chapel (Galveston) web site. Additional on-line historical records are there as well.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2003

Here are two books to consider for your research: 1) Dark Salvation by Harry Richardson; 2) The Romance of African Methodism by Singleton. Both are considered classics.

-- Anonymous, March 02, 2003

Hi Selena, You can purchase the SAT'S of the A.M.E.C. from the AMEC Sunday School Union - 500 8th Ave. S., Nashville, Tennessee, 37203 Phone # 1-615-256-5885, Fax 616-256-5882. You should check them out; they have a wealth of information on our great church.

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2003

Hello Selena; I don't know if you are still lookong for books on hte history of the AME but I have found one theat I think will be helpful: "History of the A.M.E. Church"; by Howard D. Gregg ['Historiographer of the A.M.E.Church'];Nashville; Copyright 1980 by AMEC Sunday School Union. Good Luck

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2003

Everyone, if you have not done so already, I highly recommend visiting Jerryl's History Page. It is full of great historical resources particularly pertaining to the AME Church. (I've known Jerryl for a long time--the guy is a genius!)

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2003

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