Did you know our churches are hurting badly in Africa? We can make a difference

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We as A.M.E's have a powerful history of overcoming tremendous obstacles. God has protected us as A.M.E's in America. We have survived slavery and economically we are not doing that bad. In comparison to our African brother and sisters. I received an email yesterday from Rev. Mwandu in Zambia. He has lost 13 YPD'S to Aids in the last few months. Rev. Higgins in South Africa has a ministry to street children orphaned by Aids and is in the process of getting a building for the children, hungry and sick who are sleeping on the streets. Our churches in Mozambique are literally starving to death! Namibia is also in drought conditions. Aids is rampant across the motherland. Our mission statement of the A.M.E church calls us to help the poor, and the sick. And as Christians we are mandated to do so. Yes there are tremendous problems in our church, sexual, financial and the children of darkness are even on some pulpits. But God is still in control. And we must NOT LOSE FAITH! For our churches in Africa have not! They keep pressing on, yes I too have been attacked, talked about etc. but I take it as a compliment that I am doing the work of the Lord. I will not let the children of darkness run me out of my church. So my friends let's harness our resources and help our churches in Africa. Send some money to Rev. Mwandu so he can finish his Aids orphanage, send some Money to Rev. Higgins so she can purchase a building for aids street children. Sell chicken dinners, don't go to a movie, organize a fund raiser, etc. We have so much!!! And instead of focusing on what our church is not doing, let us be about "doing" you do not need the permission of a pastor to organize an event to help Rev. Mwandu and Rev. Higgins. In all the time they have been posting, they never COMPLAIN they are doing the lord's work. I cried all day yesterday when Rev. Mwandu shared he has buried 13 children, yet he keeps praising God. his church needs a roof, yet he keeps praising God, he has to pay a large portion of his salary to write on the internet, yet he keep praising God. We have problems, but it is time to think of others in Africa and help.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2003


Dear Rev. Denise

You could not have lifted up a more important point in the area of Missionary development within our Zion. What is even more amazing is that in Africa they can do so much more with what we would classify as a little.

In some countries the U.S. Dollar is worth anything from $200 - $5,000.00 of the local currency. If we sent $20,000.00 (U.S) we could build a Church that could seat arount 150-200 members. Consider what is given out in love gifts to our folk on this side of the world and consider how much further that love gift could go in Africa.

We can do so much more without compromising giving at home.

Thank You for raising the point.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2003

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