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Hi there ok, wen watching chinese vcds, u watch the movie and u hear wat they say. sometimes, wen the chinese vcd is in cantanese, its been changed so that there r mandarine voices placed in instead for the people who only understand mandarin, e.g u watching a english dvd where the voices are in french or something (which of course means it doesnt match the mouth movement of the actors).

now wen i watch that same vcd on my comp using windows media player...i hear 2 sets of languages at once instead. the original cantanese voices from the actors and also the recorded mandarine voices which u hear wen watchin it on vcd player.....

this was the weird thing coz it became very confusing hearing 2 sets of languages at once.

how can i make it so i can hear only 1 set of language, preferably the original one.

thanks heaps if any1 can help me :D

-- Van Le (bbbbounce@iprimus.com.au), February 27, 2003


This is very common with Asian VCDs. Mandarin will be on one channel, perhaps the left, and Cantonese will be on the right channel. You have to adjust your audio to only play the left or right channel, depending on which language you want to hear. You will have to go into a control panel for your audio to make this adjustment. VCD only supports one audio soundtrack, which is why "multi-language" VCDs have Mandarin in one channel and Cantonese in the other. DVD supports multiple separate selectable audio tracks.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 27, 2003.

You can go to the volume control and change the volume control balance all the way to the left or the right for just one voice.

-- ekin (imahnobody@aol.com), March 03, 2003.

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