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Dear Michael Jackson,

I am completely on your side when it comes to trusting Brochure(sp?) and he betrayed you. You definitely made it right and exposed him. Hurray for you!! Please take this request seriously. I am inviting you to attend Youth Opportunity Movement’s “Valley Youth Day” put on by Los Angeles Unified School District, Youth Opportunity (Valley) and the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s office. Of course, we would love for you to perform at the “Youth Opportunity Movement” “Valley Youth Day” March 29, 2003, at Balboa Lake, but just your attendance would make our kids happy. You can drive right up to the back of the stage and we will have Los Angeles Police Department patrolling as security. Our goal is to give the valley youth a day of entertainment and at the same time solicit companies that can offer “Summer Work Experience” to high school students from low-income communities. Previously we were able to offer paid work experience to these students, but with budget cuts this has been eliminated. We want to make this a memorable day that our youth can be proud of because of their hard work in making it a success.

We will have more than 5,000 students from 17 different schools being bussed in for “Valley Youth Day”. The first part of the day will be a career fair, completing applications and meeting employers and the second half will be consist of a boxing exhibition (we have two Olympic hopefuls), entertainment, celebrities (we invited Oprah, but she hasn’t responded as of yet – otherwise, I’m sorry to say, no celebrities have agreed to come). But we will have games, bands and drawing for prizes. The Lakers made a donation for a drawing and so did the Clippers. The students would consider it an honor for you to attend and be included in all of the “Valley Youth Day” media coverage. Mayor Hahn of Los Angeles is having a press conference with the press and media coverage at the event to kick-off the solicitation of 500 jobs for 500 youth. (Magic Mountain has agreed to hire some of our kids.)

The challenges we face in this economy is greater than in the past, but with a commitment from you to show up for a few minutes, we can establish partnerships and bridge resources to win this battle. Your participation in “Valley Youth Day” would be very rewarding for you as well as an investment in the lives of our youth who desperately want to be a positive part of the community.

We know that your time is often spoken for, and that you have been through a lot lately, but if you could find a way to attend, and donate your time and maybe a few CD’s, you will not be sorry. A packet of information, a celebrity commitment form and a letter of support will be forwarded upon your response. If you need more information, call Fran at (818) 521-1814 or Hugh at (213) 359-6078. Please answer back immediately. There is so much I would like to say, but this is already too long.


Fran Alexander, Outreach Coordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District

c: Hugh Carter, Project Manager

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2003

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