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I have some good movies on my Video casettes. But now i have a DVD-Player. How can i record VHS to my Computer or to VCD. I would be happy for a few answers.

-- Tahie (, February 26, 2003


I can give you some advice because I own the tv wonder value edition, it's just the tuner card. Basically it will record tv or you can connect the vcr with composite cables to the back of your comp. It's pretty good, it will let you record your video into mpeg1/2 or avi and you can chose the bit rate too. One of the drawbacks is that it will only record in monoural sound (not stereo) and also you are limited to capture at resolution of 240 vertical, but in most cases since tv is 352x240 you won't need a higher setting. I usually capture 6bit mpg video then convert to vcd. If it's a movie i get good quality, cartoons seem to have more pixelation to them, but quality is always dependant on the source video. A good source like digital vhs tapes will produce good vcd. You should think about saving those large files on CDs as files for burning into dvd later when dvd burners get cheap. Lastly the external Dazzle products are not so good, unless you buy the most expensive one, i think it's called "hollywood studio?" Hope this helps. Daniel

-- Daniel (, February 26, 2003.


Thank you for your information.

Would you please tell us what name of this tuner card, what kind of PC it requires?

Thank you.

-- David (, February 26, 2003.

Tahie - has some documents on how make VCDs. You should look at the DVD Player Compatibility List before you get started to make sure that your DVD player will support VCD on CD-R media or you are wasting your time.

David - the card in the response is a cheap ATI card. You can get more info at The model is the "tv wonder personal edition" or whatever the post says. I can't see the post right now, so the name might be slightly off. ATI's more expensive cards offer more options, such as SVCD and DVD recording ability.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 27, 2003.

Regarding ROOT's suggestions, yes ATI's TV wonder VE is cheap... I own it. Get something better like the 8500 all in wonder. daniel

-- Daniel (, February 27, 2003.

Thank you guys for your time and information.

-- David (, February 28, 2003.

Forgot to ask the questions: besides the TV tuner card, such as you mentioned ATI VE, what kind of hardware and software do I need? I have a PII-333 with cdrw, and I just want to convert vhs to vcd. Can I do this with my PC?

-- David (, February 28, 2003.

How do you record sound ??? From the instruction , you only connect video end to end but sound . When I play back from PC I don;t have sound .???

-- cyb (, August 11, 2003.

In regards to sound, you need to connect the audio output from your VCR to the input on your tv tuner card (mine is a FlyVideo card) and then you should have got a double ended jack cord which goes from the output from the TV card to the input on your sound card. I am still trying to get it going proper myself, currently all i can do is record whatever goes over the microphone...

-- Matt Mc (, September 14, 2003.

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-- Big Tony (, September 28, 2003.

I'm looking for the easiest solution...

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-- Adnan (, March 13, 2004.

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